Feeling Cingular

Justin Callaway’s Cingular cellphone sent radio interference that destroyed one of his prized speakers, so he made an awesome music video about it.

For those that don’t know, some Cingular phones using the GSM system have this problem where if the phone is near a tv or speakers, before a call comes through you will hear a tkktktktttt through the speakers. In Justin’s case, the interference sound blew out his speaker. Probably because he had it turned up high while working on an audio project, but that still doesn’t make it ok. Cingular doesn’t warn customers before they buy about the RF interference, either.

Full of a rampaging evil Cingular logo, exploding electronics, and sad speakers, this is one of the most impressive consumer-revenge art pieces we’ve seen.

Justin is hardly alone. Cingular cellphones spewing RF interference is well documented and complained about, isn’t the FCC supposed to regulate this?

Maybe this funny and cool animation will bring some light to the issue. — BEN POPKEN

Feeling Cingular [Official Site]

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