Delta Exits Bankruptcy!

Get ready for the rebranding, Delta Airlines has exited bankruptcy and they’ve got $10 million set aside towards making you believe they don’t suck. They’re probably going to paint the planes and do some new advertising. Woohoo! It’s a brand new day! —MEGHANN MARCO

Delta Exiting Bankruptcy, Faces Changes [Forbes]


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  1. Emor8t says:

    Which plains are they going to paint? The ones out west?

    Personally, I’d rather see them paint planes.

  2. Pelagius says:

    Until they stop using Atlanta’s dysfunctional airport as a hub they will continue to suck like the little stick man in the picture.


  3. Amsterdaam says:

    Oh man, TWO people get the typo before me! No Fair!

    I believe she’s speaking of the “fruited plains” as referenced in “America the Beautiful”

  4. Nick says:

    A new advertising campaign also could be in Delta’s future, Abbey said. The initiatives would be on top of major changes that Delta put in place while in bankruptcy, including restructuring its fleet, expanding international service, improving aircraft cabins, cutting costs and eliminating more jobs.

    Yes, that sounds like a good way to advertise to me, too. “Fly Delta: We laid [off] your mom and now we are making a profit”.

    But seriously, I don’t have much against them. Good thing, too, because they are definitely the major player here in SLC.

  5. Emor8t says:




    I charge $10,000 an edit.

  6. ptkdude says:

    They can spend all the money they want on repainting and advertising. I stopped flying them a few years ago when they charged me to change my itinerary when my flight was cancelled due to weather (and then refused to even acknowledge they did that). It’s a bitch avoiding them when you live in Atlanta, but it can be done! A quick drive over to Birmingham lets me fly Southwest.

  7. arelys521 says:

    $10 million for advertising? That’s not very much at all. United spent $54.8 last year and $74.8 the year before that. For $10 million painting the planes is all they could afford to do.

  8. Exek says:

    Good News. Hopefully they act on the good things that made Song(RIP) great and incorporate it into the rest of Delta. Then again every time I read a story about DELTA I always think of an ancronym a fellow passenger said to me once as we was waiting for our delayed Delta flight…

  9. JustThisGuy says:

    I’m actually happy to see this. If they didn’t pull out of bankruptcy there was a good chance they would have been snapped up by United (IIRC), and that just would have been general hell for all; even though I can’t remember the exact carrier that was eyeing them, I do remember that the general implication was that the two merged would have a virtual monopoly over major US airways.

  10. Nick says:

    @JustThisGuy: We are all glad that Delta wasn’t killed by US Airways hostile takeover bid. I didn’t need to see the ads in the papers to know that an independent Delta is important to the local economy.

  11. JustThisGuy says:

    @nick2588: thank you for the link. I couldn’t remember the exact details, and it was driving me a little nuts.

    Also: so I can only assume that Delta was the one running the ads in the papers? I’d be a little interested in seeing one, if only because I’d like to read the copy.

  12. katie_b says:

    I’d just like to congratulate Delta emerging from bankruptcy and doing a fine job of cost cutting…especially since they served complimentary bottomless Italian champagne on a flight I took last Friday. Getting your customers buzzed on flights is a great way to “rebrand”. Not sure if it will help the bottom line, but hey, I wasn’t exactly complaining.