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Senator Kennedy Accuses Sallie Mae and Nelnet of Abusive Treatment of Borrowers [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
Sallie Mae, Mr. Kennedy charged, may have threatened a borrower with jail if the borrower failed to pay; may have used abusive language and harassed borrowers’ families and friends; and may have fired employees who tried to help students obtain information about their loans. Mr. Kennedy also alleged that the company may have intentionally sent borrowers’ bills to the wrong addresses in order to force the account into default.

Pricing Software Could Reshape Retail [AP]
It might seem odd that stores need help figuring out what to charge. Aren’t we consumers the ones with no clue about what things should cost? How else could people guessing on “The Price is Right” survive on TV all these years, leggy models notwithstanding?

The Most Interesting Resume Bullet You’ve Ever Seen [Blueprint for Financial Prosperity]
The top candidate, and I argue that you probably aren’t going to find anything to rival this, has to be when someone put on their resume that they were the leader of a 6,000 member clan (guild?) on World of Warcraft.

Dell founder pushes for new ways to sell [LA Times]
“The direct model has been a revolution but is not a religion,” Dell wrote in an internal memo obtained by The Times. “We will continue to improve our business model and go beyond it to give our customers what they need.” He gave no details about the new model.

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  1. MentalDisconnect says:

    That picture disturbs me. All I have to say.

  2. raybury says:

    Don’t let me stop you from going to the linked site on the résumé, where they are discussing whether the feat is technically possible, and cops who love pussy… cats.

    My probably hiring a clan leader (as opposed to a Klan leader, where I’d have other problems) is how much attention it would take, away from work or from time away from work that should include sleep.

    He said, having to report to work in 7 hours.

  3. LAGirl says:

    @MentalDisconnect: same here!

    a tweaked out Santa eating a hoagie??? i’m gonna have nightmares tonight for sure!

  4. snazz says:

    that doesnt look like a cat to me!