Calm Down, British Airways Looking To Hire "Air Rage Investigator"

Sir, we need you to sit down for this post. Thank you. British Airways is advertising for an “air rage investigator” to join their “asset protection group,” according to the Telegraph:

The post has been advertised against a backdrop of a sharp rise in the number of air rage incidents. According to the Civil Aviation Authority’s latest statistics, the number of incidents has increased from one in every 27,000 flights in 2002-3 to one in every 16,000 flights in 2005-6.

British Airways, however, insisted that it had not seen any significant increase on its flights in recent years.

The Pilots’ Union doesn’t agree, blaming new security guidelines that require passengers to show up early to airports, then leave them with lots of time on their hands with nothing to do but drink. The BA airways job posting claims to be looking for someone to “”thoroughly investigate incidents of disruptive passenger behaviour, gather relevant evidence and produce written reports”, this person should be an “enthusiastic team player.” Anyone up for it? —MEGHANN MARCO

British Airways seeks air rage investigator [Telegraph]
(Photo: RusselJSmith)

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