Readers Bite Back

Image courtesy of RHazlett suggests: "Do what you love."

  • Seven Tips For Soon-To-Be College Grads
    RHazlett suggests: “Do what you love.

  • Target: Nintendo DS Lite On Sale With No Discount
    Lindyman77 says: “Target knows exactly what it is doing; they are intentionally misleading customers and using marketing tricks to sell DS’s.

  • Skybus – New Zero-Frills Airline With $10 Tickets
    FLConsumer pines: “Screw that shit…I want an airline which will provide QUALITY SERVICE and RELIABILITY, just like the ol’ regulation days.

  • There Goes The Housing Market, Home Sales Experience Worst Drop In 18 Years
    Burbed‘s barb: “This is bunk – didn’t you hear? They’re not making any more land!

  • Hey, Bank of America! Your ATM Gave Me A Fake $20
    Swalve‘s suave tip: “Strippers get confused when you tip with $2 bills.

  • Intro To Protecting Your Computer From Viruses
    Buran suggests: “Don’t let kids get at anything that kids can destroy. If they want a computer, give them one that doesn’t have an Internet connection, or if it must, give them one that doesn’t allow IE to run or connect to the net.

  • The Most Excruciatingly Painful, Yet Typical, Customer Service Call Ever
    ScoobyDoo says: “This call shows everything that is wrong with the current state of outsourced customer support. When the simplest of tasks take 5 minutes you really need to reevaluate how you think you are helping your customers.

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