Wiis At Target This Sunday

At least 60 Wiis will be arriving and selling at Target stores this Sunday, according to an inside source.

They will be sold on a first come, first serve, basis with tickets handed out to people standing in line.

The sale should be announced in this Sunday’s circular.

Our Midwest region source says she saw a memo on her manager’s desk, labeled “strictly confidential,” announcing the sale. She tried to snap a cameraphone picture (above) of the memo, but said the manager was stalking her all night so she only able to get this Loch Ness type shot.

Explanation of the memo text above: The insider says the memo is instructing any stores that have Wiis to pull them from the shelves, then put them back on when the new shipment comes on Sunday.

The Original Wii Locator also says EB/Gamestops are rumored to have Wiis in store for this Sunday as well. A commenter on Go Nintendo says they’re slated for Circuit City.

Is there a massive Wii sale in the works for Sunday? — BEN POPKEN