Wiis At Target This Sunday

At least 60 Wiis will be arriving and selling at Target stores this Sunday, according to an inside source.

They will be sold on a first come, first serve, basis with tickets handed out to people standing in line.

The sale should be announced in this Sunday’s circular.

Our Midwest region source says she saw a memo on her manager’s desk, labeled “strictly confidential,” announcing the sale. She tried to snap a cameraphone picture (above) of the memo, but said the manager was stalking her all night so she only able to get this Loch Ness type shot.

Explanation of the memo text above: The insider says the memo is instructing any stores that have Wiis to pull them from the shelves, then put them back on when the new shipment comes on Sunday.

The Original Wii Locator also says EB/Gamestops are rumored to have Wiis in store for this Sunday as well. A commenter on Go Nintendo says they’re slated for Circuit City.

Is there a massive Wii sale in the works for Sunday? — BEN POPKEN


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  1. penarestel says:

    There’s a reason the memo is “strictly confidential”.

    It’s because they get so many jerks (I’m sorry, guests) coming in demanding a Wii and throwing a bloody fit if they can’t have one.

    Shame on the employee (oops, Team Member) for sending this in and shame on you for posting it.

  2. banzaiwolfe says:

    It is true that Target will have Wii systems on Sunday, however there is no guarantee of “at least 60” that I have seen.

  3. Hexum2600 says:

    Best Buy had Wii’s in the ad and held this previous Sunday…

  4. É®îç says:

    I picked up my Wii yesterday at an unsuspecting BestBuy that had about ten stacked up behind the customer service counter. After I asked the assistant if it was OK for me to buy one, she said “sure”, and walked me over to the register with it. The rest went only a few minutes after that. Lucky me ;-)

  5. bpotterr says:

    I got one of the 12 my local Toys ‘R’ Us had a couple Sundays ago. I was first in line when I got there at 8 for and 11 o’clock opening. By the time the store opened, we (the people in line) had been put in charge of turning away the people who showed up that wouldn’t be able to buy a Wii.

  6. victor13 says:

    I work for sears and i know we’re getting a bunch in this sunday.

  7. spike1856 says:

    Indeed, we’re holding all Wii consoles for an ad this Sunday. There are no minimum quantities–but my store, which is roughly average sales volume, has about 24 at the moment. I don’t expect any more to show up before Sunday, but it’s possible.

    One more tidbit–we’ve been officially instructed to set aside ALL future shipments of the Wii for the foreseeable future, because it will continue to appear in the ad every month or so and we need to have them available on those particular Sundays. So it looks like you won’t be able to get a Wii at Target any time soon unless it’s Sunday and it’s in the ad and you get there early.

  8. SonicReducer says:

    Yeah I pretty much said this in a comment I made about Target scamming people on Nintendo DS in a talkback earlier this week. The sixty Wii at all targets is complete crap. When I did a computer check on inventory today before I left work it was a scatter shot some had as low as 14 some as high as 46. Anyways not sure if this is news or not, but on Wednesday target sent out a memo basically saying that for the foreseeable future that shipments of Wii’s will only come when featured in the coming Sunday ad. Not sure what that’s all about, but it fits what has been going on in our area none of the targets have received shipments in over two months, but coming up in the ad blam we have Wii’s. I’m beginning to think that this whole shortage thing is BS and Nintendo is forcing this “shortage” to create hype after reading the memo I think something fishy is going on.

  9. shdwsclan says:

    Aren’t Wiis and Leaks the same thing.

    For example.
    I went behind the bushes to take a wii.
    I went behind the bushes to take a leak.

  10. TheGoodReverend says:

    According to the Freakonomics Blog, Nintendo is going to boost Wii production and Wiis should be easier to buy by next month.

  11. Optimistic Prime says:

    The GameStop I work at got in 15 this week. Though the ad does say limited qty, we were selling to people who walked in looking for one. So long as we have a couple on Sunday, it doesn’t really matter. Of note as well, if you got games you don’t want, there’s a coupon for an extra 20% in trades. Due to a glitch, you get 10% extra on systems, so you can get another three bucks or so for your Cube. Couple all that with the buy 2 get 1 sale and the coupon in the same issue of the magazine, you could be in gaming heaven this weekend. Then again, you’ll probably end up playing Wii all week/ fighting off grandma for play time :P

  12. d0x says:

    Not much of a leak, Target has been stockpiling Wii’s for weeks in preparation for this weeks new ad which is printed weeks in advance.

  13. reeg2 says:

    my local target admitted to this practice in the first weeks. basically, if you want a wii, you read the ads on sunday and go get in line. not really news..

  14. ARG says:

    I can confirm this as I cut the ad that hangs on the wall at my local Target together yesterday.

    However, each store’s allotment of Wiis depends on its sales numbers — usually the store I work at ends up with 30-40 on a given Sunday (when the Wii is in the ad). If we had 60 Wiis, we might actually be able to keep a couple on the shelf on Monday. That would be a novelty.

    Last Saturday (when they weren’t in the ad, and weren’t on a hold) we got a shipment of 33. They went on the shelf at 8am, and were all gone by 2:30pm. That without any advertisement at all.

  15. RocketChump says:

    There is going to be Wiis at EB games on Sunday too.

    Same thing, first come first serve basis, people who come early get numbers.

    Oh yeah and we have about 2 million controllers in our back room…

    Also We will have points cards but I havent seen any shipments of nunchaku yet.

  16. RocketChump says:

    Oh yeah, I am a credible source because I work there.


  17. Grimlok says:

    I don’t understand what the big deal is. I haven’t touch my Wii practically since I got it over 2 months ago. There is no software out for this system and there aren’t any coming out any time soon…..

  18. fireshaper says:

    Called my local GameStop ( a mall store ) and the manager told me that they weren’t expecting any tomorrow. He also said that as far as he knows no GS will be getting shipments in tomorrow morning.

    Anyone else get this info?

  19. FLConsumer says:

    I still can’t get past the name… There shall be no Nintendo Piss in my living room. Besides, there’s a whole wide world outside to get physical activity. No need to waste the time indoors.

  20. Mike_ says:

    My local Target had 8 Wiis this morning, all of which were spoken for before the doors opened.

  21. JScon75 says:

    There will be a big sale on Sunday. This hasn’t been posted, i think, on here but there’s about 100 Best Buy stores out of the 800 or so that will get another 45 (approx) systems that Sunday as well, some sort of promotion. If i can get my hands on a copy of the internal letter I will send a scan along

  22. Korsyn says:

    Thanks for the tip! I got one today! :-)

  23. joopiter says:

    Woo-hoo! Got mine… as of 2:30 pm today there was still one left at the Target at the CT Post Mall in Milford.

  24. visualbowler says:

    also appreciated the tip, got one this morning as well, although I was shocked that there were only 5 or 6 of us in line when the store opened and one kid waiting for an xbox 360 elite, but tip appreciated. I love my wii.

  25. darkinfero says:

    I had a very good morning the Target that i went to in Nashua had 5 xbox 360 elites and also 26 Wii’s. I waited in line for one. Only 5 tickets were given out for the Wii and about 3 for the Elite. It was a good morning thanks to the consumerist for my new Wii.

  26. blueboy2150 says:

    I would just like you to know that this memo is not strictly confidential. Any team memeber could created a user name and password and read the message boards where these are posted. The team member spend all this time trying to get a secret photo when all was needed was to print it out.however the team member is a jerk for leaking this because this why we have guest come in and demand the Wii’s they think we have in the back every week Thank You