Home Depot Has "Alternative Fuel Only" Parking, Chicagoans Don't Care

The Cars.com Blog “Kicking Tires” has some photos of some “alternative fuel only” parking spaces at a Chicago Home Depot., including one of a Land Rover parked in one of the spots. Either the dude in the parking spot hasn’t figured it out yet, or he/she/it is running biodiesel? Has Chicago turned into California since we left?

We haven’t seen these before, but we live in Brooklyn and don’t drive a car. Hot new thing? —MEGHANN MARCO

Home Depot Hybrid Parking Abused [Kicking Tires]


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  1. Rajio says:

    if someone parks in this spot innapropriately will they call in a diesel towtruck?

  2. formergr says:

    I’ve never seen one for alternative fuel only parking, but at plenty of grocery stores they have those “expectant mothers only” parking which generally annoy the crap out of me. If you’re having such difficulties in your pregnancy that you can’t walk across a parking lot, then you should probably not be driving and be on bed rest instead. Pregnant women are generally not invalids.

  3. Brnin8r says:

    Boulder, Colorado has an alternative fuel only parking lot at the mall.

  4. MisterE says:

    Seems to me this isn’t unusual. Despite Handicap Signs,Expecting mother signs, VIP signs, employee only signs, and now alternative fuel signs people without the proper documentation still manage to park in these spots (and get away with it). Nobody cares or obeys these signs because society in general will not take the time to “educate” the offending violator. The stores who manage these spots rarely pursue any action against the violators. Even if one were to call the police; by the time the cops get there, the offending violator has left!

  5. ColinColin says:

    Well…the only one that is ‘law’ is the handicap parking the rest are courtesy spots….screw that. My money/purchases are just as valuable to the company as anyone elses so I’ll park in any spot that it is legal to do so regardless of sign.

  6. CapHwys says:

    These alternative fuel parking spots are not legally enforceable spots, meaning the police have no authority to ticket offenders, as there is no law defining their use. The same goes for the Expectant Mother or Mother with Small Children parking spots. They are merely a courtesy for those who park there.
    The only fines that these “violators” would get is the one finger salute, dirty look, and maybe even getting the car keyed.

  7. guroth says:

    In essence, all parking in a shopping area is “private parking” because it is all private property .
    You can get towed for parking in any specially marked space. You can get towed for parking in any unmarked space. It is private property, they can tow you no matter what if they really wanted to.

  8. itsgene says:

    There are alternative fuel parking spaces at many places here in the San Francisco Bay Area, including Costco and Fry’s, which has obsolete electric car chargers by the spaces.
    People ignore the signs and park in them anyway; but here in California the DMV says it is illegal to park “In a space designated for parking or fueling zero-emission vehicles which display an identifying decal.” (Of course, a zero-emission vehicle is not necessarily the same as an alternative fuel vehicle.)

  9. jamesdenver says:

    I agree with the “tough shit” comments. A car’s “footprint” takes up the same amount of space regardless of fuel. It’s a nice thought, bt there’s no reason to provide special services for tons of compartmentalized groups (expectant moms, families, etc).

    Handicapped parking is a law and already established. A placard can cover those groups.

    I bike for most of my small trips, but when I do drive I park way the hell out as far as I can, as I don’t want Joe Weekender careening his shopping carts and concrete boards into my car.

    james http://www.futuregringo.com

  10. QTex says:

    @guroth: Guroth,

    Respectfully, your statement is not strictly correct. In my state, there are several statutes on point that regulate the nonconsensual towing of vehicles, even from private property. I’m not saying you can’t have your car towed from one of these types of spaces, but there is some regulation on this topic, and “private property” is not much of an issue.

  11. OnoSideboard says:

    I hate those “expectant mother” spots, too. I always park in ’em anyway, and if anyone gives me a look, yell “first tri-mester!” What are they doing to do, roll out a sonogram?

    What really does bother me, and I think should be a criminal offense, is non-compact cars parking in compact car-only spaces. The reason the space is marked for compact cars only is because it is too small for large cars, and WAY too small for a truck or SUV. It drives me completely insane when I see a big SUV parked in a compact spot, tires sitting on both lines, rendering the spaces on either side unparkable, even for actual compact cars. Back when I had a (compact) beater, I would park next to them anyways, and make a point of opening my (compact) door as hard as possible, several times.

  12. FishingCrue says:

    Notwithstanding the legality of nonconsenual towing, would you ever again shop at a store that towed you because you don’t agree with their ecomentalism?

  13. Elara says:

    To those of you bitching about the expectant mother parking spots, get over it. Either you’re male, or you’ve never been 9 months pregnant before. As someone who worked up until the day she was due, it sucked. And waddling across the damn parking lot because some jerk like you parked in the expectant mother spot made it worse. My feet were swollen to the point I couldn’t get them into anything but a pair of flip-flops, I could barely walk because I was carrying an extra 25 pounds on my front, and yet, I still had to eat somehow. And that usually involved going to the grocery store, because amazingly as it might seem, my husband wasn’t at my beck and call feeding me bonbons as I relaxed in bed. I never even USED the stupid spots til I was 8 months pregnant and really needed them, because (unlike some people, apparently) I actually felt that it would be better to let those who were worse off than myself use them.

    You guys park in handicapped spots too, don’t you- because if someone is really THAT handicapped, they should be at home or at the hospital, in a bed, not out shopping.

    And yeah, I used the “parking for parents with children too” until my kid could walk. I guess I shouldn’t have, because, you know, it’s ever so easy to carry a carseat + squirming baby across a parking lot while pushing a cart full of groceries.

  14. rmuser says:

    How do they even plan on enforcing this? Cracking open the gas tank and nabbing a sample?

  15. homerjay says:

    @Elara: I have to agree- and I’m a dude- a dude with a 5 year old and one on the way.

    Being nice to people who really could use a hand is what we in the industry call “common courtesy.” Expectant mothers (specifically VERY expectant mothers) can really use a hand and I’m sure if you went up to someone like Elara while she was loading her groceries in her car and said “Hey, can I give you a hand?” she’d probably accept (I’ve done this). Grow up, you boobs. Have some common courtesy.

    That being said- Parking spaces for hybrid cars is just stupid. Odds are you have to drive farther into the parking lot to get to them if they’re located at the front of the store. If you want to be eco-friendly, you should park as close to the lot entrance as possible.

  16. Sudonum says:

    Laws by state vary, but most states require ample signs stating that cars violating their parking policies will be towed, at owners expense. The signs should also quote the applicable civil or criminal code and have the phone number of the towing agency.

    I worked for a small retail complex where people would park and walk to a nearby restaurant. We tried many times to tow them, and the tow company wouldn’t even talk to us until we had signs made and posted at the entrances to the parking lot.

  17. jeffislouie says:

    I saw that the last time I went there. I parked in one of those spots with my Honda Accord (non-hybrid).
    And you know what?
    I couldn’t care less.
    The parking lot was empty and I felt like it. There is no way to enforce it and providing spots 5-10 feet closer as a perceived benefit is insane.
    Is Home Depot walking the walk or just talking?
    You tell me.
    They ship their crap via rail and semi tractor trailer.
    They sell gas mowers, gas trimmers and gas grills.
    They have tons of wood sitting on the shelves.
    They run the power on huge warehouses, which includes massive air conditioners and leaving fans on 24×7 as displays.
    But hey, they can feel good because it LOOKS like they give a rats tooter.
    Me? I don’t give a hoot.
    They tow one person from one of those spots and everyone is going to hear about it, which will hurt their bottom line.
    Somehow this got into a discussion about handicap spots and expectant mother spots.
    Handicap spots are great.
    I don’t park in them. I can walk.
    Expectant mother spots? Really?
    I MIGHT observe that, depending on my mood and availability of other spots. But since I didn’t get you pregnant, and I am not pregnant, I just don’t care.
    Don’t like it? Consider that most MD’s will tell women late term experiencing swollen feet that they move as much as is possible and tell your husband to help you out a bit. It’s not my fault your husband doesn’t treat you properly, it is YOURS.
    When my brothers wife was pregnant, he practically killed himself in month 9 getting the groceries and running the errands his wife couldn’t take care of. When she had her kid and was diagnosed with a debilitating spinal issue, his life changed. He now works 10 hours a day, comes home to make dinner, put the kids to bed, spend an hour with his wife and go to bed.
    Perhaps they should make some spots labled “Husbands or boyfriends who care about their significant other who may have severe medical conditions that limit their movement only”.
    Or, we could act like adults and tough it out.

  18. dmeyers says:

    I live about 30 minutes outside of Chicago (Hoffman Estates) and I have not seen any of these signs up anywhere.

    And really, the people that live around here actually are almost as liberal as California, though down in southern Illinois (Where I am during college), it is incredibly conservative. If you hear about a progressive movement in Chicago, don’t be surprised one bit. The Daley’s might be pretty corrupt, but the area is very open.

  19. Ian S. says:

    Boulder Colorado also has electric vehicle parking spaces at the recreation center. People park their SUVs and whatnot there anyways

  20. davere says:

    If you are so pregnant that you can’t walk 3 extra spaces, then don’t go shopping.

    I will not respect “expecting mothers only” parking spaces until they either pass a law or create “gay man only” parking spaces. I don’t want to half to walk extra, sweat and just not look fAAAbulous. (you get the idea)

  21. Snakeophelia says:

    Well, if hay counts as an alternative fuel, then Wal-Mart is ahead of the game – stores in several states with Amish populations have special reserved parking spots (i.e., hitching posts) for the horses and buggies. Does anyone know what the “carbon footprint” is for a horse?

    What if you’re Amish AND pregnant? Can you ride your horse into the store, much like handicapped folks do on those store-provided scooters?

  22. moxytc says:

    I can only think that anyone making fun of the expectant mother spots has never been pregnant. Really, there are only like maybe 2 spots at any given time by any mall entrance. Being pregnant and carrying around 25+ lbs of extra weight is NOT the same as being just plain overweight. I’ve been in both situations. Your legs and back muscles are under stress in different ways while pregnant – AND your joints are loose. The less time you have to spend walking in the parking lot and avoiding angry drivers, the better.

    And for the commenters that state anyone too pregnant to walk accross the parking lot shouldn’t be out in the first place, go tell that to your mother and see what she says. She’ll probably tell you to go hop in your jetta, plug in your ipod, drink your crappacino, and take a long drive off a short pier.

  23. Buran says:

    @ColinColin: Exactly. No law says it’s illegal to park in those and you cannot be ticketed so that’s why the signs are often ignored. Also a lot of these are for things that can’t be tested — are you, for example, going to force women to give pregnancy tests on the spot? Are you going to force drivers to give up a sample of fuel for testing before they can go into the store?

    Any store that started doing such things would immediately get negative press for invading peoples’ privacy and asking questions they have no business asking.

  24. Buran says:

    @itsgene: You can’t get an electric vehicle in California anymore that I know of unless the small boutique makes (like Tesla) are selling vehicles already. The chargers are useless now because vehicles like the EV1 are all gone — GM recalled every last one and destroyed most of them. (Insane).

    Basically California is legislating that valuable parking spaces never be used! Insane.

  25. Buran says:

    @Elara: I’ve had times when I was in so much pain I could barely walk due to nerve problems in my ankle and I didn’t whine about it. If you can’t park right in front of the door you could always go shopping at times when the lot is usually empty or find stores that do have ample nearby parking instead of blaming other people for lack of planning.

  26. snsr says:

    There are almost-always-empty spots at the local mall here in Boulder, CO with “Alternative Fuel Vehicle Parking” signs posted.

    I park in them anyway. It’s a dumb idea; manufacture a viable electric vehicle (ev1, anyone?) and I’d be happy to park it there. Until then, I’ll park my Nissan there with a spiteful smile.

  27. SexCpotatoes says:

    What’s been bugging me is people with handicapped placards. No, not that they have them, I actually have one because of some foot surgery I had late last year (it expires at the end of May). But these LAZY elderly and MORBIDLY OBESE people can’t be bothered to reach up 7″ from their steering wheel, and remove the goddamn things before they go out driving on the roadways?!?!

    It even states ON THE PLACARD “Remove Before Driving.” Man, if I were a complete asshole, or a cop (the two do seem to go hand in hand frequently), I’d go on a ticket writing HURRICANE. I’d be able to finance the city of Los Angeles’ budget for a year with all the idiots I’d stick with “obscured view” fines.

  28. yg17 says:


    What pisses me off about those placards are the people who have one in their car who drive an elderly parent around every now and then, and use the placard when said parent isn’t in the car, and they’re perfectly capable of walking. My dad has one in his car for my grandfather and he NEVER uses it unless my grandfather’s with him.

    And I don’t think people should get a placard because they’re morbidly obese. They should have to park in the back of the lot and get some well needed excersise.

  29. Mr. Gunn says:

    ColinColin: That’s great. We should all follow your Buddha-like example and do no more than exactly what the law requires of us, because if it was wrong to do, surely it’d be against the law, right?

  30. ahwannabe says:

    @Elara: You guys park in handicapped spots too, don’t you- because if someone is really THAT handicapped, they should be at home or at the hospital, in a bed, not out shopping

    Er, no, because that would be what we call illegal. Until they make it a law that says people have to give up parking spaces for those who voluntarily put themselves into a difficult condition, those pregnant parking spots are unenforcable.

  31. ColinColin says:

    @ Mr. Gunn…

    This isn’t a parking spot at church…it is at a commercial business. That commercial business should NOT be making it more convenient to take one customer’s money over another customers.

  32. hop says:

    i can’t win….my wife has handicap tags…she does need them….whin i use her auto, i do not park in a handicap spot, and get dirty looks when i take up spot and there are handicap spaces available…i do not abuse my wife’s tags..

  33. Bourque77 says:

    Can we have spots reserved for assholes at the far point of the parking lot that they are forced to park in? I mean hell if we are doing it for the enviornmentally friendly I say we make the people unfriendly suffer as well. As for expecting mothers, do they really need a special parking spot at say a huge mall? If you cant park like the rest of the people clearly you dont need to be walking around the mall.

  34. OnoSideboard says:

    You know what they say…. opinions are like assholes: everybody has one.

  35. yetiwisdom says:

    I ignore every parking sign except handicapped and signs indicating I will be towed or ticketed for parking there. The rest are, in my opinion, at the discretion of the parker.

  36. hateeecs says:

    Having lived in Chicago for a year now I can say that this is with out a doubt one of the most un-green cities in America. People litter like crazy here. Though there is city funded recycling, those of us which don’t have city trash of which there are many – get nothing. Local recycling centers are scarce. Many people drive large vehicles despite a good public transportation system. Chicago is a great city but it is not a great “green” city.

  37. cerulgalactus says:

    @Bourque77: But if you reserve those spots for assholes, where will I park? – For the record, unless I have people in the car with me, I will usually park as far away as I can and walk the rest of the way. Not much, I know, but it fills me with a false sense of self-satisfaction, and that is enough for me.

  38. attackgypsy says:

    We have something similar here. A large grocery chain puts out signs reserving spots for mothers with children in strollers.

    Here’s how I feel about that.

    I can feel sorry for a disabled person. (Hell, my wife is disabled, and I have a permit. We hardly ever NEED to use it. ) After all, nobody chose to be disabled, after all.

    But is it my fault some whore got knocked up? Why should I have to park further out than some slut who couldn’t keep her legs closed? Why would I give up a space to some bimbo who doesn’t know what a rubber is? She made the choice to have sex, live with the consequences.

    I deliberately park in those spaces. Gotten a few words said to me, to which my reply is “Call a cop. See what happens next.”

    No, its not a law here. disabled rihgts, I’ll fight to the death for, but not some bimbo who got knocked up ‘s right to have better parking. Bad enough I have to pay into the welfare system for them.

  39. andyj76 says:

    I’m going to try to avoid adding fuel (Ba-dum tish) to the fire with the whole alternative parking spaces flame war going on.
    However, here in the UK, where petrol (gas) costs around US$8 per gallon, one of the most popular vehicles to convert to alternative fuel (LPG) is the Land Rover. It is big enough that it has plenty of space to put the pressurised fuel tank required.
    I don’t know what the situation is with alternative fuels in Chicago, but it’s not beyond possibility that the Land Rover is actually alternative fuel.

  40. rugger_can says:

    Damaging people’s property because you think they parked somewhere they should not have is much worse in terms of socially inappropriate action then parking their in the first place.

    Vigilantism is deplorable in modern society. And doing such thing’s mentioned by some of the people in these comments would land you in jail.

    Get a clue.

  41. Mr. Gunn says:

    ColinColin: It’s called being courteous. Being courteous is doing something in consideration of others, even though there’s no law saying you have to. Whereas laws make civilization possible, courtesy makes it pleasant.

  42. Mr. Gunn says:

    attackgypsy: Someone needs to get a good nights sleep and maybe take a time out from posting.

  43. joopiter says:

    @yg17: I have one of those people at my office. She has a handicapped placard in her car for her elderly mother, but uses it to park in the handicapped spots at work. She was even using it when her mother was in an elderly home with no access to a car and no need to be driven anywhere.

    Her mother actually just passed away and I haven’t noticed whether she’s still using the permit. Anybody know who to call if she is? I’ve known plenty of people who legitimately needed those spots (my father included) so seeing someone abuse it like this really fills me with rage.

  44. K-Bo says:

    Most of the ones I see are pregnant and new mother parking, and although I have always found the pregnant to be a little much, a mother who weighed 110 lbs before pregnancy really does have trouble lifting the weight of a child in a carrier sometimes, specially if they had a c-section.

    At my grocery store the new mother parking spaces are not in front, but on either side of cart returns, so that mothers don’t have to carry the babies as far. This way also they don’t have to walk all the way accross the parking lot to return the cart, which would leave them walking back carrying the baby, or leaving the baby in an unattended, possibly hot car.

  45. K-Bo says:

    @attackgypsy: Not every pregnant woman is “some whore who got knocked up” or “some slut who couldn’t keep her legs closed”, unless of course your mother and grandmothers were. I think most women can and do go most of their pregnancy without using these spaces, but you can’t always know ahead of time if you are going to have a difficult pregnancy.

    And to all of those saying send your husband to the store or go at a more convenient time, it’s not always possible, like if your husband is in Iraq, or his company sent him on a business trip. Also, many women work as close to the birth as they can, and don’t have the luxury of choosing what time they go, because they must work it in around their job.

  46. synergy says:

    I’ve never seen a “pregnant mother” parking spot where I live. Then again, this is Texas! People in my neighborhood would probably laugh their heads off at such a sign as they rolled into the spot considering many come from families whose mothers worked fields until they went into labor. O_o

  47. legotech says:

    My mom didn’t need a pregnant mother spot, neither did my sisters or cousins…this is a new development in the last few years. When did the desire to breed mean that you are deserving of special treatment? Is my money not as good because I choose to raise dogs instead of children? (and I’ll wager my dogs are better behaved than some of the overly pampered, spoiled, entitled brats that are squirted out these days.)

    Of course the point is totally moot for me, I’m a disabled vet and have handicapped tags…but you get the idea.

    Oh and if you are so bad off that you can’t walk 5 extra feet to the grocery store, many many stores deliver these days…on weeks when I’m in too much pain to move I scrape together the $5 extra to let someone else carry the stuff into the kitchen.


  48. SkippyKilimanjaro says:

    I have a feeling some of the folks on here whiping out their parking-lot-Paul-Kersey attitudes are the same ones who pull into a space, immediately back out and pull into another space they just noticed 10 feet closer to the store’s entrance. Good grief. It’s just a parking spot not a prize.

    Look at it this way. If we continue to compartmentalize the parking lots, at some point we will get to your group. Keep hope alive.

  49. zingbot says:

    @attackgypsy: That was a seriously misogynistic post showing that you have some big problems with women. And yes, your point was lost in your overly-harsh words.

  50. commasplice says:

    The expectant mother parking is simply a PR effort to make businesses appear sensitive to female customers, particularly pregnant ones whose households will soon contain additional consumers. They assume no one will argue that pregnant women don’t deserve special parking, except perhaps Consumerist readers.

    The problem is that when you give special treatment to one group, you alienate the others. The argument of carrying 25+ extra pounds around is a double-standard if you don’t offer the same exclusive parking to anyone 25+ pounds overweight. For that matter, why not give special parking to midgets or the elderly or people wearing casts or customers returning a particularly heavy product?

    Obviously expectant mothers have to go shopping, but so does everyone else who might have difficulty walking at some point in his or her life. If they truly need a spot near the front, they can wait patiently until one opens up.

  51. ideagirl says:

    I have always enjoyed reading the comments on this site, but my opinion of the intelligence of the posters has changed dramatically with this article. I have never seen so many rude, uncaring jerks post in one spot before. Calling pregnant women and mothers whores? Lazy? Not fit to leave the house (aka “if you can’t walk you shouldn’t be shopping”)? What next, picking on five year olds who can’t read and old women who have been mugged?

  52. UnStatusTheQuo says:
  53. babette says:

    I never used an “expectant mother” spot with my first two pregnancies. However, now with my third pregnancy with complications, I do. My husband works 14 hours a day and we have no family or friend support structure. Yes, I’m supposed to be on bed rest, but if my other two kids and I want to eat then I have to go grocery store. I don’t get a choice.
    To all you inconsodierate individuals, ask your Mom if she would have appriceated this courtesy. None of you would even be here if it wasn’t for a pregnant woman.
    If you still feel differently, then God help you if you are ever in need of common courtesy or help from another human being.

  54. seattlegirl says:

    @Elara: You said, “You guys park in handicapped spots too, don’t you- because if someone is really THAT handicapped, they should be at home or at the hospital, in a bed, not out shopping.”

    Nope. I’d never park in a handicapped spot, but those expectant spaces are fair game. As others have said (perhaps ineloquently, yes), it’s pretty unlikely a person would willingly become handicapped, but the pregant peeps have chosen to become so.

    If they didn’t think ahead to what it would be like in month 9 and after the baby’s born, then their poor planning and shortsightedness is hardly everyone else’s problem.

  55. Ravatar says:

    Wow, some of these replies are unbelievable. Parking spaces are not a god-given right, they’re a privledge and convenience given to you by store/property owners.

    The only spots you should be parking in are the ones they DESIGNATE for you. If you don’t like it, tough luck. Shop at a place without these reserved parking spots.

  56. coss3n says:

    I normally enjoy reading the posts here and skip the comments, but wow! Talk about an undeserved sense of entitlement.

    Consumerist is all about fair dealing. Companies aren’t allowed to break the rules (be they laws or conditions of sale) just because they feel like it. But guess what? Neither are consumers. If they own the parking lot, they can choose who parks there. Don’t like it? Find another store, or look for street parking. This “the rules apply to everyone but me” attitude is just unbecoming.

    (And no, I’m not just posting this because I’d love to have a special parking spot for my diesel Benz… but it doesn’t hurt)

  57. Canadian Impostor says:

    Man a lot of you people feel really strongly about parking spots. I normally just park my car and get out, I didn’t know where I parked mattered.

  58. I fail to see why the expectant mother spaces are such a huge deal. If this is the most “bothersome” thing in your day you’re probably doing ok.

    As others have said (perhaps ineloquently, yes), it’s pretty unlikely a person would willingly become handicapped, but the pregant peeps have chosen to become so.

    @seattlegirl: Using that logic we should deny handicapped spots to drunk drivers and extreme sports enthusiasts and allow spots for women who were raped.

  59. modernbeat says:

    Are these spots popping up because of some mandate or economic incentive? Is HomeDepot trying to meet some “green” certification in part by reserving these parking places? Is there a tax break for this? I have my doubts that they do it just to be a good company.

  60. WhaThe says:

    OK, I just have to comment on this one.

    I live in Chicago and do not own a car. I make runs to home depot every now and then on my bicycle.

    Now, what I hate the most about going to Home Depot is they have no place for me to lock up my bike. I usually have to seek out a tall sign embedded in concrete to attach it too. Sometimes there are not enough of these with other cyclists attaching to them also and you have search around or just go home.

    You would think they would have a bike rack if the whole “green” thing was more than an act.

  61. Optimistic Prime says:

    @WhaThe: I’m going to take a stab in the dark here, but most of the things at the Home depot are fairly large and or heavy. How do you get stuff home? As far as the rest of the article, expectant mother spots should be for “ready to pop” mothers. The “my stick turned blue yesterday” expectant mothers shouldn’t park there. What really cracks me up is Handicap parking, doctors up here write prescriptions like candy for them. 60% of the cars have the placard, the spot is irrelevant.

  62. WhaThe says:

    @Optimistic Prime:

    True, but a lot of things are small and fit in a backpack too(lightbulbs, showerheads, tools, etc). Also, I think the city gives away and installs bike racks if a biz requests one. Not sure if they still do this but they did a few years back.

    Quick check turns up this request form for a rack.


    Maybe I’ll request one for the location. :)

  63. coreyander says:


    Having lived in Washington and southern California for the last fourteen years, I can confidently say that I’ve never seen one either.

    Is this some sort of Bay Area thing or is it just that the Liquor Marts I frequent don’t cater to the preggers set?