Customizing the Motorola Vxxx

Here’s a cool guide for hacking your Motorola Vxxx (x being a wildcard) so you can make it show the color styles, shutdown and startup animations, outer text displays, etc, that you want.

You’ll need a usb to phone cord, a program called P2Kman (apparently you have to register for free here and look in their downloads section), a hex editing program, a technical and anal mind, and patience.

Be advised that 1) if you don’t follow the instructions exactly you can totally break your phone 2) modifying your phone like this will likely void your warranty.

Cellphones are made with a lot more features and capabilities than we think, but carriers would rather cripple the devices and charge you for customizations instead. — BEN POPKEN

Customizing the Motorola Vxxx: A Guide to Hex Editing

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