Bank Of America Manager Escalation Line

If you have an intractable issue with Bank of America, and calls to regular customer service and attempts to escalate are unsuccessful, try the manager escalation line:


Leave a message with your number and briefly describe your account issues and you’ll get a call back from Greg Copp, Bank of America escalation manager. — BEN POPKEN

UPDATE 9/01/07: This number is no longer active. Instead, try writing a letter to the CEO.


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  1. Amy Alkon says:

    Here’s the story of why I’m going to move my money from BofA:

    My accountant told me at the beginning of April that I needed to put money in my IRA no later than April 17. On Wednesday, April 12, to leave plenty of time before tax day in case there were any screwups, I did this over the phone with “Mitchell.” He gave me a “confirmation number” (which turned out to be confirmation of not much in particular, except that I’d waited on hold almost 20 minutes to talk to Mitchell, and then bent over and gave him a lot of personal information).

    I’m on deadline Monday and Tuesday, so Wednesday, April 20, I toddled over to pick up my mail, and saw I had a Blank Of America envelope waiting for me. Oh, good…confirmation of my transaction. I opened it. I was shocked to find a letter informing me that they “regret to inform you that we will be unable to fulfill this request through our written or telephone channels.”

    When I called back, the rep told me that it turns out that they do credit checks when you contribute money to your IRA (I guess because all those Afghanistan-bound suicide bombers have a habit of contributing to a tax-free fund for their old age.) Anyway, I have a freeze on my credit to prevent identity theft — lest, say, some dumb monkey from BofA or some other company take home a laptop with a lot of personal data on it, then have it stolen.

    I now find out that, because they couldn’t check my credit, I have to go into a branch and show them my driver’s license, and they’ll retroactively make the deposit. Forgive me, but I have full Internet access, multiple home telephone lines, and a cell phone. Couldn’t one of their customer “service” reps have picked up the phone and given me a little yoohoo? The Blank guy informed me that they simply can’t make such calls. Nope, instead they sent me a form letter — dated April 17, the day my taxes were to be mailed, postmarked April 18 in San Francisco, and received April 20.

    Best of all, it was totally generic: “In order to open this account,” etc. — never saying which account exactly, although I had a pretty good idea, since I’d only opened one account in the past week. At the end before it was signed by “Brina Mata, Lead Operations Representative,” it did say “thank you for your continued business.” Sorry, Brina, I’m not really looking for thanks, just good customer service. That said, I’d even settle for adequate customer service…like the 20 seconds it would take to make a phone call and leave me a message on my answering machine in a timely manner.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, I don’t bank with them, but my mom has 2 Credit cards with them. She has lost her only income, lives with me now, and is terminally ill. Can’t even tell yo what day it is. Sometimes doesn’t even know me.

      These people continue to harass me by calling all hours of the day and night, sometimes 8-10 times in one day! They want her to enter into some binding agreement — HA! Liek she would even know what she was saying?? They think I will allow that?? NOT! She CAN’T pay anything right now until we get the government off their butts and reinstate her income. She has no estate… the house is MINE!

      I am on disability and supporting her and my son. They wanted ME to pay on it for her … I told them where to go.

      I have written the CEO now and demanded that they STOP calling here immediately. A copy of the letter is also in my file at my attorney’s office.

      Harassment is illegal. Plain and simple. One quick phone call and I will see their behinds in court. Period.

  2. Voyou_Charmant says:

    I might have to use this to resolve my $210 in over draft fees, thanks to my not paying attention and their prioritizing of larger amounts. ugh.

  3. shdwsclan says:

    Well, I havent even felt the trasition when my lasalle account was gobbled up by boa.
    Ill still have to move all my lasalle accounts, since i dont like to keep all my eggs in one basket..

  4. Squeezer99 says:

    or thisaintsweettea, you can learn how to budget

  5. Voyou_Charmant says:

    @Squeezer99: I have plenty of money, i have several accounts for different purposes (international terrorist), it’s not a matter of staying within budget. I quickly transfered money to the account in question. The issue is i made an accounting error when spending loads of money on burgler masks, grappling hooks and night vision goggles and voting democrat.


    Anyhow, it’s not a budgeting issue, i have learned my lessons with that. It’s a matter of i didn’t write down a payment, check or online im not sure. Either way, i forgot about it, and i did not see it in “pending transactions” so i never had a chance to put the money in, in advance.

    Instead i put the money in as soon as i realized the error, when the bank opened the next day.

    I acted as quickly as i could, made good on what i was over + some for the pending, I owed $193 i deposited $245 which covered overages and over draft fees. The next day I was STILL over $99, because of $140 in additional overdraft fees. So on $193 they charged me $210 on overdraft fees.

    This, to me, seems a bit unreasonable in terms of a minor error.

    Had the large payment posted last, it would have still been covered AND i would have not had to pay all those additional fees.

    So dont try to give me a hard time about “budgeting” or “learning” or “you” or “how”, squeezer99.

  6. Felix the Cat says:

    I used a mass email and got some results. To bad there are so many idiots working at this bank, here is my little problem FYI: