Bank Fees Schedules Are Hard To Find

It can be hard to figure out all the various fees, typically referred to as a “fee schedule”, that a bank can charge.

The consumer advocate group US PIRG used to conduct an annual survey of bank fees, but stopped in 2001.

“It got to be too labor intensive,” said US PIRG program director Ed Mierzwinski. “We had to send people to the individual bank branches” to collect information.

We tried searching around some banks for their fee schedules and couldn’t find any for the consumer accounts, just brokerages. A sad state of affairs. — BEN POPKEN

2001 PIRG Bank Fee Survey
1999 PIRG Bank Fee Survey


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  1. Yeah, I just went to Wachovia’s site to try to find it and even after giving a zip code they want you to call for a schedule of fees.

    @Consumerist: which banks did you try?

  2. cgmaetc says:

    That is beyond asinine… if you don’t know when the fee with hit, how will you plan accordingly?

  3. mac-phisto says:

    they’re not impossible to find, just difficult. for example, if you want to find out fees for b.o.a. accts, you have 6 click-thrus:

    main page (may need to select state) -> checking -> myaccess checking (or first option) -> rates & fess tab -> detailed rates & fees -> account services -> personal schedule of fees (need adobe acrobat 5.0+)

    voila! easy as pie!

    or go to virtually any credit union website & you’ll find your fees in less than 3 click-thrus. for example go to – america’s largest credit union. main page -> search/sitemap -> fee schedule.

    maybe the pirgs could just compile the easy to find ones & list the rest as “not worth the effort”.

  4. ptkdude says:

    Washington Mutual sends their fee list to me every year. My favorite fee they charge is some amount (don’t remember the dollar figure) for depositing more than 8 rolls of change a day into my account.

    I’ve deposited more than 8 rolls at once and they’ve never charged me this fee or even mentioned it, but it has been on the fee schedule for a few years.

  5. cgmaetc says:

    I can’t believe a BANK is CHARGING for giving them change. Why, because a teenage has to make sure the coin counter machine is plugged up?

  6. shdwsclan says:

    That coin counter is an $8000 machine, but i guess its deductible as office equipment. Ive never been charged with fees for depositing coins.

    My bank dreads me though, i know the manager, so when we say me pulling a burlap sack through the door, hes like…o god, no….

    It was kinda funny watching two female teeller, the security guard and the manager dumping the bag into the machines…

  7. diggtatorship says:

    My credit union(UCCU), which I am convinced is run by St. Peter himself, has theirs in plain sight.

    Go to website > type ‘fee schedule’ in the search box on the front page > pat yourself on the back for using a credit union instead of a bank > relax and enjoy some light reading

  8. facted says:

    @mac-phisto: Or just search for fee schedule and you can see the generalized fee schedule as the 1st option.