Lifehacker Roundup

Retirement plans for freelancers?
“Sure a Roth IRA is great… there are a few other options for those of us going solo, like an individual 401(k), SEP IRA, or SIMPLE plan.”

How to beat a speeding ticket
“Attorneys who specialize in traffic court cases have very high dismissal rates based simply on technicalities. In many cases, with a little effort and research you can obtain the same results.”

Fix a dent with canned air and a hair dryer
“…the combination of the heat of the hair dryer with the extreme cold of the compressed air (turned upside down) looks like it can cause the dent to expand and contract quickly enough that it pops back to its original shape.”

How to organize your financial documents in a filing cabinet
“With one tax season at a close, we’re all motivated to be a little more organized for our 2007 taxes, right? Lucky for us The Simple Dollar weblog has posted a guide to organizing all of your important financial documents in a filing cabinet.”

How to use your computer’s standby mode
“…how to configure your PC to properly enter S3 mode (and why you should bother with it–namely, to save upwards of $35/month on your electricity bill).”

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