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Even CEO Can’t Figure Out How RadioShack Still In Business [The Onion]
Nevertheless, it ranks as a Fortune 500 company, with gross revenues of over $4.5 billion and fiscal quarter earnings averaging tens of millions of dollars.

Ask the Readers: How are you spending your tax return?
If you’ve got one coming, let’s hear how you’re planning to spend your tax return in the comments.

The Seven Essential “Stations” Every Home Should Have [Lifehack]
When organizing our clients’ homes, we teach people there are some common “stations” that virtually every home should have.

The True Story on Bedbugs
[Apartment Therapy]
They actually survive better in cleaner places, as they tend to avoid dust. Bedbugs are found today in 5-star hotels, just as often as they are found in cheap motels.

(Photo:David Bivins)

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