Best Of Apple Computer

UPDATE: Apple: No, You Can’t Have Your Data Back, We’re Keeping It
Chris finally had to put a hold on his repair so that he could retrieve the disc from Apple before they installed the new one. Guess what he found.

Apple Sends Reader 27 Warranties
Recently, I’ve been receiving certificates for items I didn’t even purchase, and just today, I received 27 of them in the mail.

UPDATE: Apple Will Sell You A Computer If You’ve Got Too Many Gift Cards!
The very next day I had my computer!!

Dude Fixes His iBook By Lighting it On Fire
Um, naturally, don’t do this.

Apple Sells “Refreshed” Laptop Filled With Porn To 11 Year Old Girl
An Apple customer was shocked, shocked, when he bought a Macbook from the London Apple Store for his 11-year old daughter, and the desktop was full of pornographic JPGs.

(Photo:Hanan Cohen)


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  1. Notsusan says:

    Okay, I have to admit bias here -I am and have been an Apple consumer for more than 20 years. I don’t tend to have problems with their hardware or software or or customer service; not that some people won’t have problems with Apple, it just stands to reason. That being said, hasn’t Consumerist, in its relatively short life span, received more reports of people having problems with Microsoft and PCs?

    Don’t hate on Apple!!

  2. Terminixsux says:

    Maybe if Apple didn’t try so hard to claim to be the world’s most perfect company, people wouldn’t take such glee in ripping them. Who doesn’t want to smack around the swarmy kid on the commercials?

  3. joopiter says:

    @Terminixsux: I don’t want to smack around the Mac guy, but that’s because a) I find the commercials funny and b) he’s from my hometown. :)

    I’m also a huge Mac cultist, but even I won’t say that Apple is perfect. The current Mac vs Pc commercial where PC is complaining about cryptic error messages? My evil old Mac Performa had some of the most cryptic messages I’ve ever seen. Damn, I hated that computer.

    Apple’s not perfect; they’re just better at marketing the coolness factor then Microsoft or any of the PC companies have been. The bigger they get, the bigger the target they paint on their back will be.

  4. pestie says:

    @Terminixsux: Exactly! Everyone knows Microsoft sucks, but Apple tries to pass themselves off as the smugly superior, hip alternative, while simultaneously giving crappy customer service and hardware that’s certainly no better than any other manufacturer, if nothing else.