Best Of Apple Computer

UPDATE: Apple: No, You Can’t Have Your Data Back, We’re Keeping It
Chris finally had to put a hold on his repair so that he could retrieve the disc from Apple before they installed the new one. Guess what he found.

Apple Sends Reader 27 Warranties
Recently, I’ve been receiving certificates for items I didn’t even purchase, and just today, I received 27 of them in the mail.

UPDATE: Apple Will Sell You A Computer If You’ve Got Too Many Gift Cards!
The very next day I had my computer!!

Dude Fixes His iBook By Lighting it On Fire
Um, naturally, don’t do this.

Apple Sells “Refreshed” Laptop Filled With Porn To 11 Year Old Girl
An Apple customer was shocked, shocked, when he bought a Macbook from the London Apple Store for his 11-year old daughter, and the desktop was full of pornographic JPGs.

(Photo:Hanan Cohen)

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