The Software Banks Use To Flag Ordinary Customers As Terrorists

The Electronic Payments Network, a private-sector automated clearing house, has an online demo showing how an institution can scan transactions for possible terrorists based on those free, public, and error-ridden text files.

Now Ali Husseins across America can rest assured that their financial interests are held secure.

The product works in three easy steps:

Step 1: Upload the delimited text file of your bank’s transactions
Step 2: Browse Results for anything that looks “Bin Ladeny”
Step 3: Deny Funds
Step 4: Profit!!!


How Banks Flag Ordinary Customers As Terrorists
How Banks Freeze Terrorist Founds With A Free, Public, .TXT


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  1. B says:

    In the bank’s “defense” they’re not using this software because it’s more profitable, they use it because it’s they’re required to by the Patriot Act and other laws.

  2. holysmoke says:

    this fake war on terror has one goal, to take away our freedoms.

  3. lostsynapse says:

    Freedom=terror. I take it that Harvard math has not trickled down to the peons like yourself.

  4. I just think it’s funny to think about the vast network used to stop terrorists basically comes down to:

    # SELECT * from ACCOUNTS where name ilike ‘%mohammed%’;
    # 4,312,443 rows returned.
    Do you wish to deny these funds? [y/n]

  5. Asvetic says:

    Ben you Digg way too much.

  6. rugger_can says:

    … wow.

  7. @B: I call bullshit. Banks do not use this software because of the Patriot Act. Bank policy is not dictated by the Patriot Act.

    Can anybody direct me to the section of the Patriot Act or any other laws that REQUIRE a bank to use this software or even check their customers against the terrorist watch list?

  8. Buran says:

    @Asvetic: ?

  9. saram says:

    @ Holden Caulfield

    Actually, I’m at work, and literally an hour ago I watched a video on the changes that we have had to make to our policies due to the Patriot Act. I’m not saying that we use a program like that, but I am saying that we have to do things differently now. The financial industry is one place that the gov thinks they can put the “squeeze” on terrorists. If no one will help you launder that money, you won’t be able to send it to your suicide bomber friends. Or so the logic goes.

  10. You’re probably right therasett I just kinda jumped off the handle because a statement was made about the patriot act. I hear a lot of things blamed on the patriot act and I hate the patriot act however I have seen a lot of companies hide behind the patriot act as well so I am always suspicious when somebody stats that they must or musnt do something because of an obscure law that nobody knows the details of.

    How many times has your neighbor told you that they dont think that you should do something because they think that “there might be a law against that”. I was meaning to lash out at that mentality rather than what I actually did which was snap at B because I became emotional after reading the story and the comment.

  11. Asvetic says:

    @Buran: I’m referring to a popular comment phrase that’s been used on a lot recently.

    Usually someone will comment an outrageous claim starting with

    1. the claim
    2. a hilarious co-claim
    3. ???
    4. PROFIT!

    If you’re not a Digger, you probably aren’t familiar with this.

  12. 160medic says:

    I wonder if they have software that detects the fake social security numbers that ILLEGAL ALIENS use to launder money?Oh I forgot, most banks do not even need a social security number anymore thay just use a Matricular Consular card and a Flash Gordon decoder ring as a second form of ID. The biggest offender is Bank of (un)America.