Skybus – New Zero-Frills Airline With $10 Tickets

Skybus is a new airline launched today boasting $10 tickets, but you get what you pay for.

Taxes and fees apply: add on about another $10 per leg.
Limited amount of $10 seats. Others may be $25, $50, or $75.
Want to check luggage? First two backs are $5 each. Next one is $50.
Outside food and drink are prohibited (good luck enforcing that one. I’m sorry sir, we’re going to have to turn this plane around if you don’t dispose of your sandwich).
Inflight entertainment: “Bring a book.”
Customer service: “We don’t have a phone number. Seriously. We’d love to chat, but those phone banks are expensive. And a good website like is even more convenient.”
Gate staffing: “You probably won’t see any agents at the gate until boarding time.”
Seating: Choose your own, but jump to the head of the line for $10.

Right now all flights route through the hub of Columbus, OH. If that isn’t your origin or destination point, you’ll have to buy an extra ticket for the second leg.

Sounds like an interesting concept. Pay only for the services and accommodations you actually want and use. We’ll see whether the Ryanair style approach to air travel “takes off” (we know, shoot us now) with consumers. — BEN POPKEN

Skybus [via Upgrade: Travel Better]