Airlines Salivating Over Open Skies Agreement

The Trans-Atlantic deregulation agreement known as “Open Skies” has airlines chomping at the bit—even though the start date is still 11 months away, according to USAToday. The agreement will allow any US airline to fly anywhere in the EU and any EU airline to fly anywhere in the US. So, will you be flying Aer Lingus from Cleveland to Dallas? Maybe. Will it be cheaper?

The experts only agree on one thing, it probably won’t be any more expensive than it is now. Much of the excitement surrounds London’s Heathrow Airport, or as USA Today puts it:

“Heathrow is the cash cow,” Ash says. In the 12 months ended in February, the average fare from the USA to Heathrow was 29% higher than that from the USA to Gatwick, another main London airport, according to consultant Sabre Aviation Solutions. For the airlines, stakes in the coming rules change are high. Trans-Atlantic air traffic between Europe and the USA is expected to increase by 55% over the next five years.

Currently, American Airlines and United are the only US airlines permitted to provide service to Healthrow.—MEGHANN MARCO

Trans-Atlantic deregulation: Airlines salivate at possibilities [USA Today]
(Photo: steve9567)