High Standards Maintained At Tempo Presto Sandwich Shop

We stopped in for another tasty sandwich at Tempo Presto and were delighted to find the boss berating a worker for an imperfectly prepared prepackaged salad. The owner held the salad box up and turned it over from side to side.

Owner: Who made this salad?
Counter Boy: I did
Owner: (referring to a liberally distributed topping) Why’s it got all this, it’s just supposed to be a sprinkling, a dusting. Why did you leave it out for sale?
Counter Boy: I was in a rush.
Owner: What kind of answer is that? You were in a rush? I’m not going to sacrifice quality because you’re in a hurry. Next time, make it right.

That’s how you make a good sandwich, and a good business. Tempo Presto has ours. Deliciousness takes discipline! — BEN POPKEN

(Photo: Only The Blog Knows Brooklyn)

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