Energy Saving Tips For Spring

Warm weather is coming and now is the time to think about saving energy before it’s so freaking hot that you just don’t care anymore. Here are some quick tips for cooling your home without spending any more money than is necessary:

• Put window air conditioners on the north side of the building. According to the Department of Energy, “A unit operating in the shade uses as much as 10% less electricity than the same one operating in the sun.”

• Setting your thermostat to a colder temperature doesn’t make the house cool down faster, silly.

• Set your thermostat as high as you can stand it. This is probably 2 or 3 degrees higher than you think it is.

• Listen to your Dad. Keep the doors and windows shut tight. “What, are we air-conditioning the entire state of Illinois in here?”

• Lower the shades to prevent “solar gain.”

• Interior fans keep the air moving and the electric bill low.

• Don’t forget about a cross breeze! Open windows on each side of the house and enjoy the fresh air.

• Shut your computer down, computers make the room hot!


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(Photo: miek37)