Court Transcript Of "Peek Squad" Agent's No-Contest Plea

We just received the court transcript detailing former Geek Squad Agent Hao Kuo Chi “no-contest” plea in the case of his alleged setting up a cameraphone while on call in a customer’s house and recording a young woman taking a shower.

Full transcript and our analysis, inside…








peeksquad8.jpgIt’s our opinion that there was a plea bargain, with heavier charges on the table being waved by Chi’s no-contest plea. Note page 1, line 22-26, as well as page 6, line 25, “In fact, Mr. Chi wanted to thank The People. They’ve given a very fair deal in this case.”

It seems like Chi really did tape the girl in the shower. Otherwise, the prosecutor would not have asked for the memory card’s destruction (note page 6, line 4 through page 7, line 3), nor again, the defense be so amenable to it.

According to girls press conference, Chi could be seen on the video setting up the camera. Without seeing it, it’s impossible to know, really. Perhaps it was a big conspiracy. The mother distracted Chi with her laptop while the young girl stole his cameraphone and set it up. Then the older sister came in and took a shower. Then they “discovered” the cameraphone, took it to a Verizon store to to retrieve the images, and called the cops on Chi.

The only thing we know for certain is that you should be careful when strange people come into your house. We’ll stake our fedora on that. — BEN POPKEN

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