Readers Bite Back

  • Broken Leg? Need Extra Room? Flying United? That’ll Be An Extra $54, Please.
    acambras says: “It blows my mind how one can PAY MONEY (whether to an airline, store, restaurant, etc.) and then get SCOLDED like a little kid.

  • CD Sales Plummet, RIAA Gets Progressively More Emo About It
    Rectilinear Propagation says: “If the music labels want people to buy their music they should be promoting music people like not music they want us to like.

  • Pet Food Recall: Second Tainted Ingredient Found, Recall Expanded Again
    trai_dep asks: “So now we’re training dogs to enjoy the taste of hobos?

  • VIDEO: Tie This Easy Knot On Produce Bags For Drawstring Access
    Four out of five Hollywood directors agree with mattbrown: “Holy shit! that video was better than any movie i’ve ever seen.

  • The New Passport Design Is Fugly
    Citizen tylerkaraszewski says: “It looks like it belongs on the set of the Colbert Report.

  • New Penalties For Cab Drivers Who Refuse Fares On Religious Grounds
    Unwritten07 wonders: “Are you my ex-husband?

  • Sovereign Bank Branch Exposes You To Identity Theft As A Matter Of “Policy”
    mantari declares: “I invoke “credit union” for the automatic win… Do yourself a favor and at least _check out_ and investigate what credit unions in your area you can join, and what their policies are. At worst, you lose a little bit of time in a day.

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