Dell Reintroduces Windows XP

After hearing from over 10,000 users wary of Windows Vista, Dell has decided to once again sell computers loaded with Windows XP. Most computer makers stopped offering XP after Vista’s launch, even though many users, especially small businesses, are wary of the newfangled operating system. Dell did not consider these concerns reasonable at first.

But on Dell’s IdeaStorm Web site, where visitors can post suggestions for the company and vote on the ones they think are important, a plea titled “Don’t eliminate XP just yet” racked up more than 10,700 votes.

The consumer outcry has restored XP as an option to four Inspiron laptop models and two Dimension desktop models. Dell will only make Windows XP available to U.S. customers. Sorry foreigners, you are stuck with Vista. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

PC maker Dell again offers Windows XP [AP]


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  1. l951b951 says:

    Brilliant idea. In my office, no one is replacing their computers, they’re all waiting for the “bugs to be worked out” of Vista and suffering with their old XP boxes. I’d imagine retail trends showed Dell a decline in sales after the “early adopters” bought their Vista machines and few others did.

  2. i4ni says:

    Honestly, that says a lot. I plan on using XP for as long as everything I use (software) allows it.

  3. kellkell says:

    From my quick look it seems that the only desktops they offer with XP are rather high end, one starting at $5500 and the other starting at $1700. One would think that if that many people were clamoring for XP that these 2 options might not have been what they were asking for.

  4. GearheadGeek says:

    It is a foolish risk to place much trust in a Microsoft OS before Service Pack 1 is released. I doubt that any large company is going to switch to Vista before then, though I’m sure IT departments are testing it out everywhere. My didn’t switch to XP until quite some time after the release of SP1. Dell will continue to push Vista to “the masses” because most people don’t know XP from Windows 3.1, they just run whatever Bill tells them to.

  5. Serial says:

    Sorry Kellkell, just a little looking finds Dell XP computers starting at $499.

  6. AgentMOO says:

    Now I know the context for the “Wow” marketing campaign: “Wow, this vista launch isn’t going as planned.”

  7. spacehaven says:

    Vista seems to be taking a similar path that Windows ME did 7 years ago. In the late 90s you had Windows 95, Windows 98, a widely adopted upgrade, and ME, which didn’t add any features that users were screaming for. Plus it introduced a lot of driver issues.

  8. Scazza says:

    You would think Dell would offer a choice, instead of only offering a few high end models the XP packages.

  9. swalve says:

    Shows how good Windows XP really is/was. The better an OS, the less need to futz around upgrading and so forth. You’re too busy working.

  10. Benny Gesserit says:

    Canadians who are fed up with Dell can use NCIX.COM. I just checked and their “Build your own PC” wizard is more than happy to continue offering several flavours of XP.

    No word on the site if they’ll ship XP machines over the border – Bill may have had his buddies declare the border a “No XP fly zone.”

  11. Slytherin says:

    Speaking of Dell, my office bought new computers for all of us from them to replace 4-5 year old Dell computers we had. Has anybody noticed how cheaply made these new Dell computers are? The keyboards’ plastic encasing them are so thin now, compared to the keyboards from yesteryear. Even the computer’s case and on/off button seem to be using a lower, thinner grade of plastic. I guess it’s another case of Mr. Dell trying to increase his bottom line.

  12. fran403 says:

    Vista’s inability to work with several older software versions including Office 2000 prompted me to buy two machines in the last 4 months that had XP. I could have chosen Vista…I preferred to stay with XP.

  13. tweaked says:

    I second the claim about NCIX for we Canadians… not only can you get XP, you can get no OS and have it clean for ‘nix or whatever you choose, and you can build a computer out of decent components (and only the ones you want), instead of having to settle for whatever OEM mystery-crap Dell feels like throwing in their machines that day. I’ve been running a PC from NCIX for 3 years no problem.

  14. Trai_Dep says:

    Bah, you Canadians. Buying your maple-scented computers based on what you want instead of what Redmond tells you to do. Next, you’ll tell us that when you get sick, doctors are better at treating you than highly-trained insurance phone reps. (snicker) As IF!

  15. Bill Gates the Rock Star. How much do you think it cost to buy all that ad space in downtown manhattan?

  16. oppenheimers_ghost says:

    Sounds like dell is responding to the needs of consumers. I wish more companies would do this.

  17. Iron_Dragon says:

    Vista isn’t a bad OS… I’m currently running a dual boot setup and I rarely boot up XP anymore. I haven’t experienced a single bsod or any other problems.

    About the only negative thing is that vista uses a little more ram than XP. That’s all. A gamer should look into 2 gigs or more but the average desktop user will be fine with 1 gig (I’d advise against 512mb for any new system even with XP). Aside from that Vista runs smoother for me than XP on a single gig of ram.

    I don’t get people who slam vista when they haven’t tried it. I also don’t get people who used the beta build of vista for 5 minutes then decided it was crap based on driver support at the time. Vista is the most stable OS I’ve seen from microsoft at launch. Even more so than XP was when it came out and in time it will only get better.

    Then again why am I surprised? These people are buying from dell meaning they don’t know much about computers to begin with. I hope they enjoy the upgrade fee to have dell install vista in a year or 2 when they need it.

  18. huadpe says:

    @Iron_Dragon: I have a few non-critical problems with Vista which I feel are legitimate. First, the biggest flaw in XP hands down was security. This is somewhat rectified in Vista, but only in the 64 bit version. 32 bit Vista has almost all the XP problems. Sure, there’s the annoying “cancel or allow” thing, but no real sandboxing or proper read/write/execute control on files. 64 bit Vista is better, but the hardware requirements are NOT cheap. You need, among other things, a 64 bit processor. This eliminates most low-end desktops.

    Now, as far as the eye candy. We were promised a high-quality OS which is demonstrably better than XP. Unless you have high end hardware, Vista’s UI isn’t a major upgrade over XP. Also, the built in DRM is annoying. I am here referring to the OS’ attempts to secure the data stream between applications using DRM and the hardware/other bits of the OS. It’s resource intensive and provides no benefit at all to the user.

    Vista is quite good, if you have the top end version on a top end computer. But that is…VERY EXPENSIVE. Not to mention that a retail license of Vista Ultimate is $400.

  19. danieldavis says:

    Great. Now we can choose between OLDSHIT and NEWSHIT.

  20. shdwsclan says:

    Vista is really bad as of still. I hope microsoft takes a hint.

    *Certification and a requirement for bluetooth drivers is a BAD thing.
    Also, vista seems have really bad bluetooth support overall.

    – I bought some bluetooth headphones, jabra 620s i think. Ok, they worked fine on XP, i installed vista business, the did not work, and each time i turn on wireless on my laptop, i get 4 windows asking me for drivers that do not exist.
    – Both linux[I use ubuntu] and mac os x support general drivers/stack so that your bluetooth bluetooth devices actually work
    – Also, i have a bluetooth mouse from logitech. Really nice mouse, since i have built in bluetooth in my laptop, and worked great with xp. In vista, you have to install an entire clunky and resource intensive program that actually connects the mouse and it wont stop asking you for the connection, so WHY would want to connect the mouse when I traveling on a cramped seat on the subway ?

    *Where is the firewire networking ????
    – Removing firewire networking is a bad thing, especially for people that want to transfer data quick from old compters. Somebody should tell microsoft that older computer only have 10/100 and many have on-board firewire that is completely support by the 33mhz pci bus, unlike 1000tx which is not, and did I mention, that this requires a crossover cable, unlike firewire
    – I want to sync my laptop with my workstation at work, and cannot do this because i do not have access to the routers and configs to do this. With XP, i just popped it into the dock and it connected with my workstation and synced my outlook and other projects.
    -With vista, you have to upload your data to your email, in parts if the project is too huge, and download them in parts if its too huge.

    *Java never installs
    – I have yet to still install java on vista, its seems to be impossible and hopeless.

    *SD cards and XD cards need drivers
    – I was baffled by this when I inserted a memory card into the reader since it actually asked me for a driver for this device. NO DRIVERS EXISTS FOR SD CARD, and none should

    *I tried to use one of my external drive and was baffled as it kept asking my for drivers
    – In windows xp, i plugged it in and it worked fine, it found it as a generic prolific controller device.
    – In vista, I guess you cant use external drives in vista. I ended up mounting the thing in linux with NTFS-3G, and transferring it directly to the vista partition.

    *There is a lot of processes that seem to be separate from the operating system that load on startup, which is an extreme waste of system resouces, why did XP work equally without these.

    *The crazy drm scheme…..
    – I mean my god is the useless, it seems to be a knockoff of *nix like sudoers environment. Unfortunately, this was poorly implemented and it asks you at all the WRONG places, and some of the stupidest places. You know, this really doesnt stop anything, since if someone gets control of your system, doesnt clicking “continue” remotely defy the purpose, since you cant authenticate this with no effort. Its just a nuicance.

    *IE7 is terrible
    – Firefox is stilling. Locked toolbar that cant be moved around a clunky “perdy” interface that has no function. Hasn’t M$ learned anything from firefox at all. The only realy thing they implemented is tabbing, and a real bad interface. Also, they got rid of ftp intergration, cause IE now accesses ftps as read only, you actually have to go my computer and type it in there….

    -Still M$ hasnt learned anything. Why do you think people install things like media player classic and winamp?

    *Office 2007
    – Why do I have to pay $30 per copy more to get the classic interface from a chinese guy. The ribbon is HORRIBLE.

    Bottom line, dont buy windows vista, your basically loosing a lot of functionality. Im still running it on my laptop, because im working on a project right now and cant afford the downtime. But as soon as I get the chance, I’m downgrading.

  21. iameleveneight says:

    My problem with Vista at my job (a law office) is that we had a computer go down right after Vista came out and we had to replace it and since DELL only offered Vista, we were stuck but figured we’d try it.

    The problem wasn’t drivers, it was the fact that almost none of our software would work on the OS and the software companies were JUST getting to creating patches and updates for the OS because supposedly Microsoft wouldn’t give them the OS to test on. (which seems ridiculous to me since the beta’s been out there forever at this point)

    Thankfully the license is also good for XP so i grabbed an XP Pro disc from another computer and installed that. I had a bitch of a time finiding some of the drivers I needed, but I was able to get it up and running.

  22. gamble says:

    Windows Vista is ruining my life.

    Every time I start up my computer and windows tells me that it’s blocking some of my programs because they don’t work with vista, I want to break something. Also, I just bought a new all-in-one printer and guess who can’t scan anything onto my computer? That would be me, because the hp software isn’t compatible with vista. Also, I can’t download windows updates for some unknown reason and I’m currently going on my seventh week of tech support.

    I suppose the main point here is that Windows Vista makes me cry myself to sleep at night.

  23. kakashisan says:

    @ huadpe:

    High end hardware? Not really.

    AMD64 chips are incredibly cheap now and the dual cores are at the price/performance point where it doesn’t make sense to buy a single core. An AMD 64 X2 3600+ will run Vista with no problems and it costs ~$70. You can even get a motherboard with onboard video capable of running Aero for around $80 (get one with the AMD 690 chipset). The only thing you should have plenty of is RAM, preferably 2Gigs or more.

    Shoot, I built a machine for around $600 that runs Vista like a champ.


    It doesn’t sound like you’ve ever upgraded from a previous Windows OS before. Same thing happened with Win98 and Win2k. People expected the new operating system to be exactly like the old one. That’s pretty… dumb, and comparing Vista to XP right now isn’t very fair. XP became a decent operating system at SP1, and only got to be a pretty good OS at SP2. Give Vista some time and let the drivers mature.

    I’m running it now with 0 of the problems you’ve mentioned. Not calling you out, just saying…

  24. Jabes says:

    Hell, I’m just trying to find a printer that actually works with Vista.

  25. Squegie says:


    “That’s pretty… dumb, and comparing Vista to XP right now isn’t very fair. XP became a decent operating system at SP1, and only got to be a pretty good OS at SP2. Give Vista some time and let the drivers mature.”

    While obviously shdwsclan upgraded to Vista on existing hardware, his comments are hardly dumb. As you said yourself, Vista has a ways to go to reach the level that XP has achieved. Vista is an immature operating system, with a very minimal amount of support (at the moment, it may have less support than some Linux distributions).

    I personally feel that shdwsclan made a bad choice in trying to upgrade to Windows Vista (especially if he was starting a project) on his primary computer, but other people are being forced into buying Vista if they need to replace an existing system. The fact remains that some software and external hardware do not work with Vista and drivers may not be available for a few more month, if ever.

  26. FreakyStyley says:

    @spacehaven: I have blocked all memories of this ‘ME’ you speak of. Awful, awful, awful.