Walmart's New "Cable TV Show" Is Going To Be So Awesome

Reader K sends us this screen shot of the Walmart employee benefit page announcing a “cable TV show” on USA and Lifetime (click the image for the full schedule). K says:

I don’t know if I’m the only one who finds this a little odd, but Wal-Mart is starting up a TV series about its associates. It’s going to be called “In-Front with Wal-Mart” and is set to air April 28 on USA. I’ve attached a screenshot capture of where I found this info. Seems kind of likely a silly PR stunt. Even though I work for Wal-Mart (and love it) I still think this is kind of ridiculous.

Hmmm, would USA really do a Walmart TV show? Sure! Why?

walmartinfomercial.jpg It’s an infomercial. —MEGHANN MARCO


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