Free CFLs At Home Depot This Sunday

We’ve already mentioned this but people keep sending it in as a tip so apparently it bears repeating: Home Depot will be giving away 1 million (as in, not enough for all of you, Dear Consumerist Readers, for you are many and Home Depot is few) CFLs this Sunday in honor of Earth Day and as part of their new “green” labeling promotion.

A CFL can save you a ton of money on your electric bill, so we do recommend you switch to them. And no, they’re not that ugly . They’ve come a long way. No, really. —MEGHANN MARCO

Home Depot Eco Options


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  1. mantari says:

    Good for Home Depot. A nice gesture/promotion.

  2. nweaver says:

    Also, CFLs actually give BETTER light than incandescents…

  3. roat says:

    Very nice idea, but do keep in mind that CFLs are not without a potential downside. An admittedly extreme example here.

    [NB – I’ve been running CFL everywhere I can in my own house for nearly five years now, so don’t take this note as a Chicken Little thing.]

  4. ashmelev says:

    It’s very nice for Home Depot to give away 1 million CFLs, but what about recycling? Do they have a recycling program? I wonder how many people would simply throw broken lamps containing mercury into their trash without knowing.

  5. sandwich_pants says:

    And the N:Vision CFLs that will likely be given out from home depot (since they’re usually the only brand home depot carries) were the best ranked in that popular mechanics comparison.
    I’ve purchased a number of those N:Vision CFLs and I find them to be among the better ‘soft white’ varieties. They do buzz a bit though, which can be annoying depending on how quiet the space you’re using them in is.
    However, though the regular soft whites are alright, the “Bright White” N:Vision CFLs have what I would call very nice light quality, only slightly pinkish (the softs are fairly yellow). The only problem is the Bright White’s aren’t available in the 4 packs, and at Home Depot, 2 singles costs more than a 4 pack…

  6. Steve_Holt says:

    So is there a “Limit 1 per customer” policy happening on Sunday? And do I have to make a purchase to get my CFL?

    Just want to gauge whether it’s worth a trek to the Depot on my Sunday morning.

  7. Notsusan says:

    I know, the HD website isn’t specific except to say ‘while supplies last.’ My mom and I will walk over early Sunday to pick up at least one apiece…she’s elderly and can usually finagle extras!

  8. Squeezer99 says:

    CFL bulbs contain mercury which is very toxic, and most of these bulbs end up in the local landfill, where they get crushed and leak mercury into the environment.

  9. ironchef says:


    CFL mercury fears overblown

  10. purkinje says:

    I’m all for CFLs – they last forever (6+ years for me on some Philips bulbs) and you can get them as warm or bright as you want if you check the color rendering index or color temperature before you buy. Anyone know whether the n:vision bulbs they’re giving out are any good?

  11. CumaeanSibyl says:

    Back when I was in college, our dorms had the ugliest fluorescent lights I’ve ever seen outside of a WalMart. We fixed the problem by tacking yellow or red fabric over the light.

    Why everybody who complains about the color temperature on CFLs doesn’t just put a damn lampshade over them, I will never know. That way you can even get the cheaper ones that nobody wants to buy.

  12. unwritten07 says:

    @Notsusan, @Steve_Holt:

    I just called my local HD. The guy that answered talked to about 6 other people (after I explained what a CFL is) before he found someone who knew anything about it.

    This store has 4 boxes(@144 ea.), and it will be 1 per customer.

    I’m not suggesting a camp-out the night before, but I would plan to be there when they open the doors.

  13. CyGuy says:

    I’m not sure if this is good elsewhere, but at GIANT Food Stores in the Metro DC area there is a special Earth Day promotion 4/20 – 4/26 on GE CFL’s.

    Specifically, buy 10 for $10 (upto a $3.99/bulb savings) and receive three GIANT reusable cloth shopping bags. Looking at one version of the ad, this seems to even include DIMMABLE CFLs.

    The deal requires that you have a GIANT bonuscard, but with a $40 upfront savings, and a potential for maybe $200+ savings over the life of the 10 bulbs, it’s probably worth considering. I know I plan on getting 10 of the dimmable bulbs if they have them in stock, as virtually every non-dimmable socket I have in the house already has a CFL in it.

  14. Trackback says:

    Big orange monster HOME DEPOT will give away 1 million CF lightbulbs today, Sunday, April 22nd, in honor of Earth Day.Get the good news here.Or here.Or here.and even here.