Vending Machine Jewelry Poses Lead Poisoning Risk

If your child bought a vending machine necklace for $0.25 this past year, you might want to take it away from him or her and throw it away. According to the CPSC the paint on some of the jewelry (about 900,000 necklaces and bracelets) contains high levels of lead and should not be handled by children.

For additional information, contact Cardinal Distributing Co. Inc. at (800) 368-2062 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or visit the firm’s Web site at

Speaking generally, cheap jewelry isn’t a good thing to buy for kids. Stay away from jewelry from vending machines, carnivals, etc. We see a lot of lead-poisoning recalls on the CPSC and it’s often for this kind of crap. —MEGHANN MARCO

900,000 Children’s Necklaces and Charm Bracelets Recalled by Cardinal Distributing Co. Due to Lead Poisoning Hazard [CPSC]


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  1. Spider Jerusalem says:

    One would think at some point they’d just…you know…stop using lead. Its like the plates at my local 99 Ranch, where all the shelves say “these plates contain lead, a substance known to the state of California to cause…blah blah blah”. Then why not just make them of…whatever it is non-poisonous plates are made of? Glazed clay or whatever.

  2. hop says:

    gee, i better turn in my wife’s engagement ring….it took me $2 to get the thing too…………

  3. VA_White says:

    Parents should also avoid off-brand crayons. Some Chinese crayons also contain lead. Rose Art and Crayola are your best bets.

  4. hildeaux says:

    what kind of company still makes stuff like this with lead in it? did they miss the memo that it’s toxic or something?