Home Depot To Introduce "Green" Labeling

Home Depot is hopping on the Walmart CFL bandwagon with a new label that will help consumers make “less of an impact on the environment and empowers them to help make a difference in their own homes,”according to a Home Depot Press Release. How does this affect you? They’re giving away a bunch of free CLF light bulbs on Earth Day.
From the New York Times:

Home Depot today will introduce a label for nearly 3,000 products, like fluorescent light bulbs that conserve electricity and natural insect killers, that promote energy conservation, sustainable forestry and clean water.

The initiative — which is expected to include 6,000 products by 2009, representing 12 percent of the chain’s sales — would become the largest green labeling program in American retailing and could persuade competitors to speed up their own plans.

We think this is nice and helpful. Yes, sometimes that does happen. —MEGHANN MARCO

Home Depot to Display an Environmental Label [NYT]


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  1. mac-phisto says:

    hmmm….hidden method to inflate pricing for troubled big box retailer perhaps?

  2. JShore says:

    As a Appliance Specialist at The Home Depot, I know that our company is really pushing what the they call “Eco-Options”. This is basically appliances that save on energy and water consumption and is better for the environment. Hopefully this concept catches on at other major retailers in the U.S. to make our country a little greener.

  3. eross says:

    How is this news? The story itself admits that Home Depot is changing nothing but labels. “More than 90%” of the products have been sitting on the shelves, but haven’t yet been branded as “green.”

    As this article http://reclaimdemocracy.org/walmart/2007/stacy_mitchell_en… , argues persuasively, anyone concerned about the environment really should start by buying local and shunning big box chains.

  4. DaveD says:

    Instead of a “new” label, how about really helping the customer make the choice easily, with the price? Bottom line, most people shop how much something costs out the door not over the lifetime of the product. Get those green products cheaper/priced more competitively and people will line up to buy them…..

  5. ironchef says:


    the average consumer’s pretty stupid though when it comes to compact fluorescent bulbs. CF bulbs lasts six times longer (to an average of 7 years), SAVES $30 worth of electricity on each bulb over the same incadescent light bulb, it is brighter and puts off only a fraction of the heat.

    if they can’t see that value, they are pretty stupid, IMHO. Besides, a lot of times utility companies subsidize CF bulbs down as low as a buck a bulb. I bought a bunch for 99¢ each just the other day.

  6. sweetpea12 says:

    what about in Paramus when Home Depot is closed on Sundays? Would they still give them out on Saturday or something?

  7. muckpond says:

    one thing that they COULD do that would be cool is provide a dropoff point for CFs that need to be recycled.

    very few media outlets who are hopping on the CF bandwagon are discussing the amount of mercury (et al.) that is present in the bulbs.

    it’s great that people are buying them. but what’s a safe way to dispose of them?

  8. JuliaD says:

    i just bought 2 packs of CLF bulbs and a programmable thermostat at Home Depot. It was almost scary to see the programmable thermostats being labeled as environmentally friendly. But anything that helps raise consumer awareness can’t be bad.

  9. silverlining says:

    They’re giving away a bunch of free CLF light bulbs on Earth Day.

    You mean CFL, right?

    Sure, it’ll be greenwashing. But free CFL bulbs? Sweet.


    From a previous Consumerist post relating to CFLs, a couple of posters had suggestions on safely disposing CFL bulbs:

    * GitEmSteveDave suggests calling your county recycling center and asking for the Household Hazardous Waste Dept, and then dropping them off at the HHW collection site.

    * Cy Guy suggests trying Ikea… I guess some locations are collecting CFL bulbs.