Reach TransUnion Executive Customer Service

If you haven’t been able to solve your TransUnion credit report problems through normal channels, you can escalate your issue to their executive customer service team. Here’s the info.

Try this number first:
Cindy Hennessey, assistant to David Wolff
(312) 985-2000, press 2, dial extension 3802

David Wolff, VP of Consumer Services
Call 312-985-2000, press 3 to reach the names directory, dial Wolff David
Fax: (312) 347-5770



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  1. aikoto says:

    Last I checked, Equifax changed their phone number every month to discourage this kind of thing. I wonder if Transunion does the same. If so, you better call fast.

  2. ScoobyInc says:
  3. Saydge says:

    Actually, both numbers went to voice mail (which is probably always the case), but if you go back to the menu and start trying common names, you will eventually find a number to some live human being somewhere that will end up speaking to you. What a great business to be in where you can ruin people’s lives and not even so much as hire a customer support staff to assist you. I ordered a credit report from, which claims to give you your “credit report.” It leaves out a bunch of information and when questioned, they say Experian doesn’t provide all of the information. When you DO get to Experian, they say that they don’t deal with; however, they dealt with them long enough to give them LIMITED information, which allowed to charge me $60 to give me incomplete information. What horrible professionalism.

  4. preetham_jain says:

    Ben, Great! Thanks so much for the information to reach transunion. Actually I was surprised to talk to Cindy Hennessey. I had this impression that my call would reach the voice mail. She was kind enough to put me through a customer care representative and I was able to cancel my subscription. Also, I got this new number to reach them 18662122170. The telephone number on the website doesnt seem to work.

  5. cchappelle says:

    Thank you Jain, I will try the new number Monday.

    After my 11th attempt to get my free annual credit report. TransUnion sent me an auto-email about their privacy policy. I attach here my response:

    It’s comforting that privacy is such a high priority with TransUnion. So high in fact, you won’t even share my information with me. My interface with you yesterday was my most recent attempt to get my free annual credit report. I have tried 11 times in 4 months. I’ve tried by mail (3 times), by phone (3 times) and on-line (7 times). I’ve sent you “proof” of my address, “proof” of my SSN, and have even spoken to a customer service rep, somewhere in Malaysia or India, that after asking me “verification” questions (4 of them), supposedly reset my account and suggested I try again tomorrow on-line and should have no problem. I did and was denied again (that was attempt # 6, I think). Security is not as tight with Equifax and Experion. I used the same interface to reach them and after the same verification process they provided me my report right on-line, first attempt, no hassle.

    With such a stringent security protocol, you’ll understand my shock and immediate loss of confidence in TransUnion, when somewhere in the process (in month 3, I think) you sent me my father’s credit report. My elderly father does live with me. We share the same address, same first name, and same last name. We do not however share the same SSN, middle name, or birth date, and his info was never offered during any of the numerous verification processes. He doesn’t even have an account on-line with any credit bureau.

    So let’s get this straight, after all the runaround and verifications, you used an address and common name as the key identifiers and sent a credit report to the wrong person. My Dad hasn’t used credit in 20 years, so there wasn’t much to share, but he still has active cards, with large limits. I won’t steal his identity, after all he’s my Dad. But with this level of incompetence, the information might have gone elsewhere, and may have lead to an identity theft disaster. And since we don’t subscribe to one of your “check your report every second” service, we would never know we were being hit. I leads one to ponder your motives here.

    Your poor performance leads to more than angry sarcastic emails. Your incompetence seriously affects the lives of real people, sometimes at critical points in those lives.

    OK, I’m done. I’ll add this rant to a series of notes sent to the Federal Trade Commission, copied to the US Legislature, and post it at a few much-appreciated web sites. Maybe someone will take on the issue, or maybe you could just fix this yourself, I still need my free credit report from TransUnion. Have a nice day.

  6. GrayFoxGreen says:

    I just received a letter from Transunion telling me that i placed a “Initial Fraud Alert” with them(i hadn’t)After calling then number provided(a dead-end of menus)I used your latest number the subcontractor’s person gave me this Direct-Line to Tran. customer-service
    with a LIVE person.
    1-800916-8800 opt.#3
    They tried to sell products after refusing to tell me how such an alert was created(i refused!;-) )but since i was in the great state of Tenn.(where someone stole my ID some 15 years ago to buy a washer for their trailer-shanty)i left it in place for the 90 days.

  7. DeborahOileus says:

    The Phone number i have does not let me talk to a customer service only gives me access to request for a credit report which i already have. I wanted to cancel my credit moniter service and i have been trying for the last 5 days or so.There are no other numbers available for customer service.

  8. cinnnamon says:

    If you can’t access your credit report online like Equifax. It may due to a Freeze on your credit file that prevents any from accessing you credit file.
    This fax to Janice Ebeling – Supervisor of Specialized Service Fraud Unit (714)525-0668. Email: or

    Try one of these. But you need to FAX the Police report for the freeze per your state law. I used http://www.faxzero to fax for free 2 per day. It works! I scanned the documents into my computer and emailed them as a fax.

    Fraud Customer Service (800) 680-7289. When you called the Specialized Fraud (depend on what your case states and where you need to be transferred) which you may be transferred to a different unit. Ask to Speak to Janice, if you need further help in Specialized Fraud Unit. The regular reps may get rude in the specialized service department. Also you can email her in regards to your issue.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I tried these numbers and they still work (April, 2009). I actually got voicemail for Cyndy, but left a voicemail for David Wolff and he promptly returned my call. I am awaiting resolution to my problem and hope that he can help me.