Kmart: $20 HDTV! No, Just Kidding.

If you saw that Kmart’s website had a listing for a $20 HDTV, would you try to buy it? Or would you assume it was a mistake? If you did try to buy it and they canceled your order, would you be mad?

According to ABC 2 News in Maryland, Kmart’s website recently featured “A Hitachi 46 inch High Definition TV clearance priced at just 20 dollars.” We tried to look up what the TV would normally cost (as it was not mentioned in the article) and couldn’t find any evidence that Hitachi had ever manufactured a “46 inch High Definition TV.” No matter, on with the story.

The mythical 46″ HDTV was reportedly purchased by a “number of shoppers” in Maryland (who contacted the local media when they didn’t get their $20 HDTV). from ABC 2:

But when they called to double check their orders, Pete Ahlfeld and his co workers got some bad news.

“I gave her my confirmation number, she basically told me we’re not gonna be sending you your tv.”

Turns out it was a misprint. A Sears/Kmart spokeswoman tells me “we apologize for any inconvenience. But under the terms of the website, we reserve the right to cancel an order in the event of a pricing error.”

While it was Kmart’s mistake, did they honestly think they deserved a TV for $20? Our advice? For a typo this obvious, don’t waste your time. —MEGHANN MARCO

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