Update: Expedia's Price Match Guarantee

Remember Ryan? He unsuccessfully tried to hold Expedia to their “Best Price Guarantee.” The staff of PeterGreenberg.com read our story and picked up where we left off. Thanks to their efforts, Expedia offered Ryan a $200 travel credit towards a previously-scheduled itinerary.

Brenda from corporate customer care contacted me by phone yesterday. She apologized very genuinely and even engaged in a lengthy conversation about how things might be improved. She offered me a $200 travel credit towards future travel, which I politely declined. She then proceeded to refund $200 off my OTHER existing itinerary (not even the trip that caused all this trouble!).

I was also given a direct phone number to her office, staffed 24/7 in San Francisco, and told to call immediately if everything with my upcoming trip is not 100% perfect. Thanks for your help!

PeterGreenberg.com also asked Expedia about their “Best Price Guarantee.” Though Expedia claims a substantial number of guarantee requests are honored, the price must be matched by an Expedia representative. Expedia declined to say how long the average claimant spent on hold while customer service representatives waited for the better offer to disappear. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

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