American Airlines Eliminates Enfeebled "Women's" Search, Now Directs Women To Powerful Man Search – LGBT Search Remains The Same

Hallelujah, American Airlines has eliminated the gender-gap they created last week with the introduction of a powerless pink “women’s” search box. Women are now directed to American’s front page, where they must cope with the powerful, feature-rich man search.

For those keeping score, the “women’s” search box lasted four cuddly days.

Our original post linked to an article that mentioned, “AMR has two other dedicated Web sites that cater to Spanish speakers and to gay and lesbian travelers.” We checked on those sites. The Spanish search resembles the powerful man search, but the LGBT page still has the enfeebled search box, disappointingly devoid of any cute or cuddly colors. Maybe American should update that search box, too? Or at least provide book recommendations. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER
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  1. Hoss says:

    Now youve done it — how do are the girls going to book a flight now?

  2. I think that any post discussing differences between men and women should use the term “box” as many times as possible.

    Also, I can’t believe that companies are still this stupid.

  3. Scuba Steve says:

    So how did they direct it in the first place? Separate links for each gender?

  4. TinaT says:

    You forgot to mention that the hispanic site is in English, thus defeating the only practical reason for having a separate site.

  5. Trai_Dep says:

    The GLBT subcategory needs more glistening, shirtless men and/or frumpy natural-fiber clothed womyn. No circuit party frequent flyer checkbox or Best Places to Hide Party Favors advisories? And where’s Paul Lynde. He’s gay, isn’t he? Wait, Ted Haggard proved gays only stay gay for 3 weeks, so maybe they should scratch the entire segment anyway.

    Jeezus, what tools. Whoever approved AND designed this: fire them all. They’re useless and incompetent. Their online marketing staff as well. And the VP Marketing.

    If anything, The Gays should have MORE options to parse data, over-educated, disposal income spewing, travel-loving segment that they are. Nice job, American.

    Love how stunningly incompetent their executive team is, then how they’ll blame rank and file workers for losing boatloads of cash before reaming them out of wages and pensions.

  6. mantari says:

    @ trai_dep:
    If anything, The Gays should have MORE options to parse data, over-educated, disposal income spewing, travel-loving segment that they are. Nice job, American.

    I’m sure that American didn’t mean to all of these groups. But trai_dep pretty much nailed it (even after veering off course a time or two).

  7. JohnAsimov says:

    Weird phallic plane-tip graphic poking in from the side. Men don’t get those?

  8. Citron says:

    They’re still idiots and I’m still mad at them.

    It’s okay. I like Southwest better just for the simple face that they don’t suck like everyone else.

  9. Squegie says:

    I’ve been reading articles about the “women’s feebled search box” since it came out.

    First off, it seems this topic requires me to post that I’m a guy — possibly as a disclaimer. I’ve also had to search for and book a few flights over the last few years.

    When I search, I typically only care about the dates, then I’ll look for the cheapest rate/most convenient flight times within those dates. I checked out the women’s search, entered the dates, the cities, and came up with 9 flights on the same day, ordered cheapest to most expensive. The cheapest was around $270, the most expensive was around $1500. I was quite impressed.

    I’m sure the advanced search would have given me about the same results –or it might have limited me to times close to what I entered. But to very quickly get a list of flights available on those days, I liked the simpler box. Does that make me a women?

    I think a simpler search box with an “Advanced search” link would be a good, site-wide, approach to take.

  10. badgeman46 says:
  11. unwritten07 says:


    I thought you were kidding until I tried it.
    Willing to bet these morons will still go through with it?

  12. spanky says:

    How many different designs and demographics are they going to try before they realize that it’s not the specifics that are flawed, but the whole stupid concept?

  13. Orbitz has offered a gay travel section for years now: – They put that URL on their commercials that air on Logo and during Will & Grace (ugh) reruns.

    I’m not sure how many other similar sections they have.