American Airlines Eliminates Enfeebled "Women's" Search, Now Directs Women To Powerful Man Search – LGBT Search Remains The Same

Hallelujah, American Airlines has eliminated the gender-gap they created last week with the introduction of a powerless pink “women’s” search box. Women are now directed to American’s front page, where they must cope with the powerful, feature-rich man search.

For those keeping score, the “women’s” search box lasted four cuddly days.

Our original post linked to an article that mentioned, “AMR has two other dedicated Web sites that cater to Spanish speakers and to gay and lesbian travelers.” We checked on those sites. The Spanish search resembles the powerful man search, but the LGBT page still has the enfeebled search box, disappointingly devoid of any cute or cuddly colors. Maybe American should update that search box, too? Or at least provide book recommendations. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER
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