You People Can't Be Trusted With Nailguns

Due (presumably) to a ready supply of inexpensive nailguns and hunky DIY hosts on TLC to demonstrate their use, nailgun injuries in the US have skyrocketed 200% since 1991. From CNN:

“During the 5-year period 2001-2005, an average of approximately 37,000 patients with injuries related to nail-gun use were treated annually in emergency departments, with 40 percent of injuries occurring among consumers,” the report read.

Emergency departments treated three times as many consumers with nail-gun injuries in 2005 as they did in 1991, the report noted.

Lest you worry that craftspeople are becoming incompetent, you should know that work-related nailgun injuries have not increased.—MEGHANN MARCO

Nailguns taking out weekend warriors [CNN]
(Photo: Velo Steve)