The Kind Of Cellphone Geek Squad Might've Taped Showering Customer With

If Hao Kuo Chi really did tape the 22-year-old daughter of a customer taking a shower, the phone propped up in the bathroom might have been a PPC-6700. These PocketPC phones are standard-issue to the Geek Squad techs who perform in-home repairs — known as “DA’s” or “Double Agents” in Geek Squad parlance.

The PPC-6700 has a miniSD card slot, and can continue recording as long as there is memory available. While recording, a red dot flashes on the screen.

These features confirm some details of the girls’ story.

We have to wonder, though, if Chi did it, how did he really expect to capture anyone showering? The girls weren’t even home when he began working on the mother’s computer. Then again, if he’s really seen on the video setting up the device, as the girls say, then it’s pretty much all over. A court will get to decide what’s what, unless everyone decides to settle first. — BEN POPKEN

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  1. niccernicus says:

    I’m sure the card they snagged will tell all!

  2. mikesfree says:

    Thats the phone I use.

  3. SexCpotatoes says:

    @mikesfree: (to video girls in the shower)

  4. mikesfree says:

    So, I started recording with mine. It takes about 2 meg a minute. Isnt that about 8 hour of record time on a 1gb chip. However, the videos are not so nice.

    However, I dont have the option to record directly to the chip that I can tell. So I have about 8 minutes of internal memory available.

    Could be a registry hack I guess.

  5. mikesfree says:


    No, I only record myself…

  6. geel says:

    could he have gone to the washroom and played with his phone while doing his “biz” and by accident activated the camera and left it running

  7. strider_mt2k says:


    It’s like those “The gun that Oswald used” documentals.

  8. Vinny says:

    How the heck did he point the lens of that phone at a shower and she didn’t see the phone before hand? Jesus.

    I’d be interesting to see where it was in relation to the shower because I had that phone (or at least one of its cousins) and you’d have to be pretty oblivious to miss it if it were in the same room as you, particularly if it were pointed at you.

    Also, Mikesfree: You can record directly to the card. It’s one of the options.

  9. mikesfree says:

    So this is how I learn to use my phone… on the consumerist.


  10. geel says:

    also if geeksquad uses sprint and the phone clearly says sprint on the top then why did she go to verizon ?????

  11. hemaphore says:

    I’m with Vinny: The phone is shaped and the lens is placed in a position where I can’t see how it could NOT be noticed in the bathroom…

    also, i remember reading something in the original article about a light being on while recording…The only light on the camera side is the glaringly bright flash bulb…

  12. rivalbigmac2 says:

    FYI “The PPC-6700 has a micro SD card slot” this is incorrect.

    It actually has a mini SD card slot. The same card is shared with the motorola Q and other new pda devices. You are right though most standard handsets will come with a micro sd card. ps: thanks for the great blog! this has become one of my favour places to visit to keep up to date with new technology.

  13. jurgis says:

    This whole thing is BS and he should sue for slander.

    There is no way this could be setup easily on its own and without being noticed (you know how hard it would be to prop it up). I think this is one of those horrible things that is a “cry for attention” kind of thing.

  14. lychnismint says:

    Not everybody keeps their bathroom counter tops clear. With a 13-year-old and a 22-year-old sharing a bathroom, there could have been a lot of bottles and other stuff on the counter. The Geek guy could have hidden the camera behind a bottle with only the lens peeking out. People don’t go into their bathrooms looking for hidden cameras so I don’t see it being a big deal that she didn’t notice it immediately.

  15. Vinny says:

    People don’t go into their bathrooms looking for hidden cameras so I don’t see it being a big deal that she didn’t notice it immediately.

    You’re 100% correct, but that being said, this isn’t a real small phone. Seriously.

    I’m not saying the guy isn’t a shady bastard, but it’s just odd that she didn’t see it. Any counter or shelf that points at my shower is pretty obviously visible on my way to the shower. This phone has a very short focal range if you want any kind of detail, which means it had to be relatively close and pointed exactly at the shower.

    The guy is shady and scummy if he did it, but she sounds like a real bubblehead.

  16. mikesfree says:


    Verizon has the same phone. Its really an HTC Apache.

  17. lychnismint says:

    @Vinny: The phone is still small enough to be hidden. Lie it on its side and all that needs to be visible is 2.32″x1″ for the lens. Stagger some bottles in front of it so it cannot be seen unless you are looking straight at it which only happened when she was coming out of the shower. I doubt he was worried about video quality.

  18. Hugh Jass says:

    @geek 101
    I would venture to say that Verizon was her service provider. Why does it matter?

  19. Nicholai says:

    Oh my god….. I use a geek squad phone.

  20. Trumps says:

    Hrmm i guess hes psychic to know to point the phone in the direction of the shower too?

    Seems fishy