The Kind Of Cellphone Geek Squad Might've Taped Showering Customer With

If Hao Kuo Chi really did tape the 22-year-old daughter of a customer taking a shower, the phone propped up in the bathroom might have been a PPC-6700. These PocketPC phones are standard-issue to the Geek Squad techs who perform in-home repairs — known as “DA’s” or “Double Agents” in Geek Squad parlance.

The PPC-6700 has a miniSD card slot, and can continue recording as long as there is memory available. While recording, a red dot flashes on the screen.

These features confirm some details of the girls’ story.

We have to wonder, though, if Chi did it, how did he really expect to capture anyone showering? The girls weren’t even home when he began working on the mother’s computer. Then again, if he’s really seen on the video setting up the device, as the girls say, then it’s pretty much all over. A court will get to decide what’s what, unless everyone decides to settle first. — BEN POPKEN

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