RIAA Files 23 "John Doe" Lawsuits Against NC State Students

Making good on their promise to file lawsuits against students who did not take the settlement offer, the RIAA has filed 23 lawsuits against NC State students who declined to identify themselves and pay the $3,000.
From the Technician Online:

Pam Gerace, the director of Student Legal Services at the University, is fighting the lawsuits for her student clients. She advises that the students should remain anonymous.

“The RIAA actually said they might have use for the names in the future,” Gerace said

Gerace goes on to say that NC State Student Legal Services will help students fight their subpoenas. “If someone is subpoenaed and they say they don’t want to comply, the subpoenaed party says they can’t come for a certain reason,” Gerace said. “Then it goes to the federal court who could take a year to make a decision… but if they do nothing and it is valid, then the University would have to give out their names and addresses,” Gerace said.

This is exactly what you should be worried about when you’re 19. Dodging subpoenas. —MEGHANN MARCO

RIAA files 23 lawsuits against NCSU [Technician Online]
(Photo: hyku)

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