Recalled Pet Food Still On Shelves

Potentially deadly pet food affected by a massive recall remains on store shelves, the FDA announced yesterday after conducting a nationwide survey of 400 stores.

Just because there’s been a big recall doesn’t mean the remaining pet food is safe. Consumers should still check labels and product dates to make sure the food isn’t potentially contaminated. — BEN POPKEN

Tainted pet food still on shelves, FDA says [Reuters] (Thanks to Jim!)


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  1. nweaver says:

    Trader Joes pulled all their petfood, even though they WERE NOT affected by the recall…

    I wonder how many of those 400 stores were Wal*We*Don’t*Recall*Mart

    (Behind the counter had a good post on effectively why Wal*Mart never processes recalls well).

  2. catnapped says:

    Robo-wench on the news yesterday said about people making their own pet food that they “probably wouldn’t be able to provide a balanced meal and should just keep track of the recall list and buy what’s not on it”

    (until of course that food is on the recall list next week, but that’s not important…gotta keep shopping and keep those corporate profits rolling in!)

  3. Chese says:

    Someone is gonna have cat hair in their fridge for a while.

  4. mopar_man says:


    I was wondering the same.


    That’s pretty ignorant. The internet is a powerful tool for finding the correct information. I bet all of those people that are making their own food have found nutritious recipes somewhere.

  5. unchi says:

    of course. if you make your own pet food and don’t buy the food created specifically for your pet, the terrorists win! oh wait, wrong blog. bad walmart!

  6. Mauvaise says:

    I don’t think you need to resort to making your own food. But I do think that people should be aware of what goes on in the pet food world, and lear how to properly read labels. This article is very informative.

  7. quimby10 says:

    This is a very frustrating situation. Somewhat off-topic, a comment from a recent Ask Metafilter thread provided the telephone number vets have been given (different than the hired call center number on the Menufoods website) to deal with financial reimbursement related to the tainted food.

  8. Trai_Dep says:

    You know, I’m almost glad that this Feline Solution happened, just so the above AWESOME kitty photo can see the light of day. Almost.

  9. Stepehn Colbert says:

    that reminds me, how is the walmart nazi shirt hunt going?

  10. royal72 says:

    i demand equal photo rights for doggies ben!!! i love kitties too, but this is ridiculous and quite plainly animal discrimination.

  11. royal72 says:

    ps. that is an awesome pic though :D

  12. @catnapped: Who’s robo-wench?