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Someone created Consumerist’s Wikipedia entry on March 26.

It’s only a twiddly stub right now but you can help out if you like by filling it with lots of juicy and helpful information.

Make sure to note our editorial bias towards cat photos. — BEN POPKEN

Consumerist [Wikipedia]


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  1. taney71 says:

    The bias to posting cat photos is a random thing to say, but made me laugh.

  2. William Mize says:

    Well, cat photos and WalMart nazi shirts.

  3. RST1123 says:

    Or cats wearing nazi t-shirts.

  4. mantari says:

    Oh noes! You know you’re going to attract the attention of a nazi editor who will nominate your article for deletion. Right?

  5. MeOhMy says:

    @mantari: I’m tempted to do so just for the fun of it. If I do, do I get a free Wal-Mart Nazi T-Shirt?

  6. LankanDude says:

    I Think Consumerist should host a wiki site of its own, where users can create pages for every company and details its good/bad stories.
    Then we have a central resource to look up (to know whether the company is evil or not).

  7. madktdisease says:

    everyday is caturday at the consumerist!

  8. Oh noes. /b/ is everywhere. This thread is now about cats.

  9. snazz says:

    i love cats

  10. Gasface says:

    I don’t have a wikipedia account, and I’m not interested in creating one, but it is worth noting that the Consumerist helped break the Vincent Ferrari AOL Customer Service Hell Story. I mean, their posts pre-date main stream media coverage by about a week.

  11. mantari says:

    @idledebonair: You made me spray my monitor, desk, and keyboard with coffee. Thanks!

  12. computerjoe says:

    No one should really nominate this for deletion. Even if they did, it wouldn’t get deleted. Your Alexa rank would make you survive AfD.

    I do really request all readers he make unbiased edits and also source any claim they make to the appropiate web page.



  13. rachmanut says:

    who do you think you are? Stephen Colbert? You can’t just decide you can command wikipedia around and will things into existence the way he can. You haven’t earned what he earned.

    On second thought, maybe you can. Is the new show of power the ability to which you can cause wikiality to alter just by sheer force of will?

  14. Angiol says:

    Ben: If this does get put up for deletion, don’t run a story on it. Trust me. You’ll make a lot of people very angry at you, and it’ll probably make it more likely to be deleted.

    Not that I’m saying it will be (probably won’t), but I’ve seen some conflicts between Wikipedia and other things I like (webcomics, etc.), and as soon as the thing under deletion mentions the debate, things get really ugly, really fast.

    My recommendation? Like computerjoe said, get some nice coverage of the site by independent, reliable sources. Something like CBS, ABC, New York Times.

  15. Anonymously says:

    I love reading Wikipedia, but I hate all of the frickin’ rules they have for posting there. What’s this about nominiating an article for deletion? What is this, Fight Club?

    Rule #1: You don’t talk about Wikipedia, or we’ll delete your ass.
    Rule #2: You don’t talk about Wikipedia deleting your ass, or we’ll delete your ass even harder!

  16. Citron says:

    Ahem . . .

  17. computerjoe says:

    Well it did get nominated for deletion… looking good for you though. Not a single delete vote.