Costco Caught Selling Fake Conor Oberst Autographed Guitars

Pitchfork just busted Costco for selling a fake real autographed guitar on their website. From Pitchfork:

We’re as flummoxed as you are, but yeah, Costco is apparently selling these things for a cool $899.99 (shipping and handling included!). The “Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes Signed Acoustic Guitar” features such eye- and ear-catching attributes as “rich, full tone,” a “natural spruce top,” a “rosewood bridge,” and “cream binding on the body and neck [that] adds crisp style.” It also features a scribble of a signature allegedly from Conor himself on its face.

Conor’s PR people denied that anyone had signed anything for Costco and the guitars were swiftly pulled from the website. Apparently, Conor Oberst is some kind of music-making person. He seems very well regarded among his own kind. —MEGHANN MARCO

Costco Hawks Conor Oberst Guitars? [Pitchfork] (Thanks, El Guapo!)