Walgreens Apologizes For Insinuating Reader Might Be Committing Check Fraud

Reader DudeAsInCool got an apology from Walgreens and a $20 coupon after submitting his complaint over the hassle he was put through when trying to pay with a check. Somehow the who/what/when/why/where/how of his purchase tripped Walgreen’s check verification service, Certegy, and he had to go through a ridiculous phone call in order to get his check cleared.

“In short, they said that while Certegy does help them with the battle against consumer fraud, sometimes their practices hurt their good Walgreen’s customers,” wrote DudeAsInCool. “Thanks for posting my letter so other consumers won’t be insulted and inconvenienced in the future… We should be able to use whatever form of payment we want to, when we want to and however we want to.”


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(Photo: Zepfanman.com)

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