Google Housing Lets You Search Real Estate And Rental Listings

Google now offers housing listings.

Simply type “San Francisco real estate” or “homes for rent in Manhattan” in the Google search box. Below the sponsored links on the search results page it will say something like “Find results for homes for sale in manhattan in Housing search.”

Click on that to get a beautiful Google map populated with listings.

Or just click here to go directly to the search page.

(Results may not be available for all locations).

Suggestion: why not offer integration with My Maps so people can more easily manage and share their housing search?

Otherwise, it’s a neat and handy Google mashup for prospective buyers and renters. — BEN POPKEN

Google Housing [Official Site]
Homes, not just homepages [Official Google Blog via My Money Blog]


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  1. nweaver says:

    Uhhh, how? I tried that query, got nothing.

  2. benwellington says:

    I’ve been using this for 2 months… It did not launch 5 days ago.

    Here are some better options in New York City with way more listings:

    I played with the google listings and found that the interface sucks. These other sites have maps as well, more listings, and are just overall superior on many levels.

  3. Katharine says:

    i couldn’t get it to work either…..

  4. thrillhouse says:

    the “homes for rent in Manhattan” query worked for me… well, it got me into Google Housing, I wouldn’t say that the search particularly worked well.

    Yeah, they’ve got some work to do on this one, but it has potential. I found the “foreclosure” search type particularly interesting…

  5. Darren W. says:

    When I did a search for [real estate frederick md] it didn’t work, but when I changed it to [real estate San Francisco CA] it gave me a results page with a text box that let me change the location to Frederick, MD, and ultimately led me to the results I wanted.

  6. umonster says:

    Try this link for Google Housing:

  7. seanSF says:

    Woof, buggy. I did a search near my house in San Francisco and:

    – Markers were in the absolute wrong places. Wrong street, wrong neighborhood, not even close.
    – Markers on the map did not match markers on the list on the left. For example, #2 on the map was on Broadway, #2 in the list was on Upper Terrace.

    Definitely not ready for prime time.

  8. engunneer says:

    Someone mashed up craigslist housing ads with google maps quite a while ago. I think the display is slightly more accurate, and it allows you to filter out places without pictures, or that don’t allow pets.

    – See

  9. Gari N. Corp says:

    Not a lot for Brooklyn, but you may already have noticed that, Popken-San

  10. V-effekt says:

    Our local Pittsburgh Realtor has a great interface for their mapping software.

  11. Anonymously says:

    You can’t open a link in a new tab on that Google site. That spells death to me.

  12. Matt says:

    @Greg P: I agree. I was looking on Google Base for jobs and inability to open up each one in a tab was very frustrating.