Buy Our Gear On eBay

We’re selling off some of our gadgets and extra gear this week on eBay. Everything is currently at $.99 except for the CD Mixer, which is at $13.34. Good deals to be had.

Wii Sports
Samsung A920 Cellphone
Avenues America Brown Leather Laptop Bag
D-link DI 707 7-Port Pro Router
Sony D-NS505 Sports ATRAC Walkman Portable CD Player

Everything works well, it’s just time to do a lil’ spring cleaning! Paypal accounts with confirmed US addresses only, please.

We promise 100% of the funds will go to high-yield online savings account.

Next week, we’ll be selling a laptop, speakers, a PA, a leather jacket, more cellphones, and other widgets. — BEN POPKEN

Our eBay Auctions

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