Avoid Big Name Tax Places

We haven’t been getting many complaints about tax places this year but as far as we know, they still suck. They’re known for messing some people’s returns up pretty bad, or encouraging people to take questionable deductions. Like making up a child, for instance. Here’s a walk down memory lane, a lane that’s definitely shady…

US Government Sues Jackson Hewitt Alleging “Pervasive Fraud”
Costlier Tax Preparers Encourage More Fraudulent Returns
Avoid H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, Says Accountant
Elliot Spitzer Sues H&R Block for Tricking Customers
H&R Block Gets Man in Tax Trouble, Doesn’t Care
H&R Block Leaves Guy With $3100 Bill

Results may vary and there are certainly good franchise locations for each of these places, but you’re probably better off getting a referral for a good accountant (although by this point, any accountant worth his salt is probably booked up), or using TurboTax to do your taxes yourself. — BEN POPKEN