Subway To Sell Personal Pan Pizza By June

Heavens knows why, but Subway has decided to add personal pan pizza to its menu at 13,000 US stores by June. So much for that whole “healthy image.” From Brandweek:

An employee at a test store located in the East Village section of New York City said they only sold two pizzas the first day of the test in late March, but are now are up about 25 a day. The biggest problem: patrons don’t know about the product despite a prominent sign on the menu board, he said.

The pizzas will start at $2.99. Meat toppings such as pepperoni or sausage will cost an extra dollar. Veggies and cheese are free. According to Brandweek, “After you eat this you won’t go back to Pizza Hut,” the Subway employee in New York boasted. We haven’t been back to PIzza Hut since they stopped giving us free pizza for reading books. —MEGHANN MARCO

New Products: Subway Seeks To Slice Domino’s, Pizza Hut Pie [Brandweek]
(Photo: zyphbear)

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