Subway To Sell Personal Pan Pizza By June

Heavens knows why, but Subway has decided to add personal pan pizza to its menu at 13,000 US stores by June. So much for that whole “healthy image.” From Brandweek:

An employee at a test store located in the East Village section of New York City said they only sold two pizzas the first day of the test in late March, but are now are up about 25 a day. The biggest problem: patrons don’t know about the product despite a prominent sign on the menu board, he said.

The pizzas will start at $2.99. Meat toppings such as pepperoni or sausage will cost an extra dollar. Veggies and cheese are free. According to Brandweek, “After you eat this you won’t go back to Pizza Hut,” the Subway employee in New York boasted. We haven’t been back to PIzza Hut since they stopped giving us free pizza for reading books. —MEGHANN MARCO

New Products: Subway Seeks To Slice Domino’s, Pizza Hut Pie [Brandweek]
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  1. Bay State Darren says:

    The one in downtown Lowell, MA sells them already. Haven’t really felt like trying it yet. I guess associating Subway with pizza kinda throws me for a loop.

  2. Bay State Darren says:

    @above: I just noticed this last week. I don’t know when it started.

  3. markio says:

    Depending on the toppings and other ingredients, pizza can actually be quite healthy. A veggie pizza, for example, is no worse than a sub. They are just giving their customers more options.

  4. VeryFancyBunny says:

    They have those pizzas at my local Subway here in Atlanta. There’s a big photo ad for them taped to the sneezeguard, but it doesn’t make them look particularly appetizing. The boxes of frozen pizzas in plain view of the customer line didn’t really help, either. If I’m going to eat a frozen pizza for lunch, I’ll head to the supermarket and pick up a classic Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza.

    Subway is good for quick, cheap dinners before concerts, vaguely unscary road trip chow for vegetarians, and my once-weekly aw-crap-we’re-out-of-sandwich-bread-at-home lunches.

  5. jmuskratt says:

    They’ve been selling these in the French Quarter since Mardi Gras and I’m generally impressed (for a pizza that’s ready in 5 minutes). Subway is one of the few inexpensive lunch options down here so it helps break up the monotony of cold cut trios.

  6. SOhp101 says:

    So much for ‘Subway–Eat Fresh!’

  7. bambino says:

    Yeah, these have been around for quite a while here in Austin. I don’t understand the ‘there goes the healthy image’ line. Pizza can be healthy if made the right way. Toasted flatbread, low-fat cheese, lots of veggies, and a little meat make a nice low-fat lunch option. It’s places like the Hut that have taken pizza and bastardized it by SOAKING their dough in vats of oil. Dis-gust-ing. Now I don’t know if subway is making their pizzas the healthy way since I haven’t had one, so if they’re not, then boo to them.

  8. The Subway chain on the University of Washington, Bothell campus has been selling personal pizzas (as well as full-size pizzas) for over a year and a half.

  9. jesseraub says:

    Just like breakfast sandwiches at Starbucks. Because the green aprons really need a McMuffin to hock to dudes in ties who like automatic espresso.

  10. yzerman says:

    Why is this news? Sounds to me like they been offering it well over a year in most of the US.

    I know here in Michigan since they put in the toasting insta nuke ovens they offered personal pizzas.

  11. bluwapadoo says:

    Don’t they still sell the Meatball sub and the Steak Subs with Chipotle Sauce? They are not and never will be 100% “healthy.”

  12. jamier says:

    THIS IS NEWS TO ME! I’m very excited — I hope they are somewhat healthy. A lot of pizza places have unhealthy crust (hydrogenated oils, eggs, whole milk) as well as the cheese and meat. I really hope these pizzas aren’t “pre-cheesed” because most national chains tend to pile it on.

    Subway is great in that it is one of the only tolerable restaurant options (fast food or not) when vegetarians venture into the suburbs.

  13. dukerayburn says:

    Chiming in, they’ve had these in Nebraska for three years or more. They’ve never even sort of enticed me. You can plainly see them, frozen pizzas just sitting in the line by the meats, wrapped in plastic. Very unappealing.

  14. Coder4Life says:

    Yuck!! I tried it out twice, at 2 different locations. Both times they were nasty,they were still cold. They dont heat them up for long enough, so the center of the pizza is actually cold.

    But I guess if you are really craving pizza, it takes them like 2 minutes to get it heated up for you with whatever toppings you want.

    I would recommend finding pizza by the slice somehwere for the same price range.

  15. royal72 says:

    “The pizzas will start at $2.99. Meat toppings such as pepperoni or sausage will cost an extra dollar.”

    just from a money standpoint, i don’t see this lasting, “yeah, let me get a pizza with double pepperoni and sausage and a large drink… how much? $9.18 for a shitty frozen pizza that’s $2 at the store next door!”

  16. endlessendres says:

    They’ve offered pizza’s in Wisconsin ever since they added the toasting ovens three years or more ago. I’ve never had one myself, but many people I know enjoy them.

  17. 2Legit2Quit says:

    Mine has offered them since opening about a year ago. Personally, they aren’t too bad but they are a little small. Think of the pizzas you get at concession stands.

  18. WV.Hillbilly says:

    So a Subway pizza is what?
    A salad on a crust?
    They should change the name of the place to Shitway.

  19. r81984 says:

    They already sell pizza at a subway in West Lafayette, IN.

    The subway in Schererville, IN added a noble roman’s pizza inside their subway its manned by subway workers. They have been selling pizza and breadsticks for at least 5 years.

  20. Juncti says:

    These are horrible. They sell them here already in New Orleans, the lines were already slow at lunch time, but these have made it worse.

    The pizza is frozen, they take it out, microwave it to thaw it, top it with your toppings and then place it into their oven for 30 seconds to brown it.

    Seems like a classic example of not sticking to your core competencies. They slow the lines, force people to turn around and leave because the wait is so long, and go against the healthy image they’ve worked for years to build.

  21. arkisman says:

    I’m 99.9% sure that this picture is the Subway on 7th Ave in downtown Pittsburgh… because I’m there so freakin’ often…

  22. quentin says:

    I don’t know why people are up in arms about Subway adding apparently unhealthily Pizza to their lineup. A lot of what they have on their value menu (The meatball sub for example) is certainly something Jared Fogle wouldn’t eat if he wanted to keep the pounds off.

  23. navitatl says:

    I’m confused. The subways in my town have been selling PP Pizzas for almost a year now. I’ve tried them once – they were alright. Definitely a good choice for someone trying to lose weight, but if you just want a damn good pizza then I suggest you look elsewhere.

  24. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    Jared would be turning over in his grave..well, I mean, he would if he were dead..which he might be if he ate nothing but pan pizzas instead of veggie subs with no mayo.

    It just begs the question…Why?

  25. Bay State Darren says:

    @jamier: Sorry, you’re SOL. I haven’t tried one and probably won’t ever. They look like those Tony’s mini pizzas you find chear in the freezers at grocery stores or next to the microwave at 7-11. Definitely fresh and yes, the cheese is part of the frozen part.

    @ all: Is this 7-11 trying to move in a conventional fast food direction?

  26. Bay State Darren says:

    @ all: Is this Subway trying to move in a conventional fast food direction?

  27. DreamWalker81 says:

    I live in Western Massachusetts and all our local Subways have been selling personnel pan pizza for well over a year now and to my amazement it’s actually pretty good. It reminds me and the family of Pizza Hut pizza with the way it tastes and the texture of it. I would say definitely try it out!

  28. raging_moon says:

    I’ve eaten pizza subs at subway for years – choose a bread and cheese, they would add sauce from the meatballs and pepperoni, and your choice of toppings (tomato, green peppers and black olives worked well). Went in about six months ago to order one and no one behind the counter knew what it was. I talked her into making me one, but I guess the pp pizza is replacing the pizza sub.

  29. tspack says:

    They’ve had this at the Subway nearest me since it opened three years ago or so. I like the pizzas. I’m not into meat, so it doesn’t cost me more than the base cost, and I usually get it with tomatoes, yellow peppers and olives. Yum. The crust is very good.

  30. Siddster says:

    The subway near my apt. in Michigan has been selling pizza since September or October. Trust me when I say “they are really good.” They are really good. They are usually ready in 3 minutes (depending on your Pizza Artist), cheap and filling. The only problem is that Subway doesn’t serve crushed red pepper =( Oh well, the pizza is still really good!

  31. mjw says:

    If they offered a whole-wheat crust, they’d get points with me.

  32. dlinkwit27 says:

    Been here in central Illinois since last year. At least since October, most likely before. They are actually pretty decent.

  33. ngwoo says:

    @raging_moon: I can still get pizza subs at my local Subway, but I have to ask the manager as none of the employees know about it. Apparently, they still have the ingredients for it, but just don’t advertise it anymore.

    I love Subway, but their pizzas really aren’t that great. It’s too bad, too…. Subway is the only “fast food” restaurant I eat at anymore.