Comcast: Chicago Going All Digital By July

If you’re one of those stone-age-type people who live in Chicago and don’t yet have a digital cable box, you’ll be getting one in July. Comcast has nearly completed a $400 million dollar upgrade and will discontinue analog broadcasts this summer. Customers who plug their cable directly into their TV will receive only local channels following the official switch. From the Chicago Tribune:

Completion of the upgrade means all Comcast customers that have basic service will need to exchange their analog set-top boxes for digital set-top boxes. The cable company will not charge an additional fee or raise rates for current analog customers, Schaefer said.

“The vast majority of our Chicago customers already have digital service, but for the customers with basic service, they will get a new box,” he said.

The rollout to all-digital begins in Chicago next week. Customers in neighborhoods that first undergo the upgrade now are being notified they need a digital box. The boxes can be picked up at a Comcast office or mailed to customers if requested.

Supposedly, following the conversion, Comcast will be able to add up to 120 HD channels and increase internet speeds. No word on what that’s going to cost. —MEGHANN MARCO

Comcast near finish of digital upgrade [Chicago Tribune]
(Photo: rocketjim54)