Walmart Pulls Tainted Pet Food By Day, Restocks It By Night

Walmart is recalling tainted pet food during the day, only to restock it again at night. This egregious display of corporate ineptitude was detailed to The News & Observer by Walmart merchandise supervisor, Johnnie Walker.

Walker said he had removed the products earlier in the week, but clerks restocked the shelves overnight, unaware that the pet food had been recalled. “At night they didn’t know better,” Walker said. “It’s just confusing.”

Though the pet food recall has expanded to over 100 brands, Walmart has been unable to implement a recall strategy that extends beyond blocking the purchase of tainted items at the register. If your pet wants food, consider shopping somewhere other than Walmart. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

Pet owners on quest for safe food [The News & Observer] (Thanks to John!)
(Photo: ayustety)

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