Shrewd Rebater Roundup

HOWTO: Rebate Whore
“Matt shares his tips for how he “leverages his Ninja-Geek skills” to make sure he gets his rebate bucks.” Making Evil Work for You
“Sign up for an account and enter the relevant details every time you submit a rebate. The web site will organize your submissions, keep track and report on the money you are owed, and will even send you reminders when your rebates are due.”

Protect Your Rebate Check: Get Your Rebate Receipts Notarized
“All you need is to photo copy of the same information (ie. serial number, UPC code, receipt) and bring them with you to a bank along with the ones you are going to send in.”

Rebate Company Admits Rebates Are A Scam
“The rebate processing system provides a user friendly interface, yet retains hurdles sufficient to maintain breakage.”

Sensible Words About Rebates
“…a well-reasoned and realistic guide to rebating. Just keep in mind that if you are forgetful like some of us, rebates are your enemy. Mortal enemy. Nemesis. The Darth to your Luke. The Wicked Witch to your Dorothy.”

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