Gmail Disables User Accounts Without Reason Or Warning

UPDATE: Gmail says they accidentally disabled a huge swatch of user accounts in an attempt to fight a large spammer network, and is actively reinstating these accounts.

Gmail is the best email system in the world but many users experience great frustration after getting their accounts disabled for no apparent reason.

There are actually a couple of reasons, like logging in from multiple locations quickly, or sending mail to many people in a short period of time – basically anything that makes you look like a spammer.

Recently, we finally convinced our girlfriend to switch from earthlink crapola to Gmail. A day later, she was locked out, and very, very, very, pissed. We suspect that the change of address email she sent to 165 or so people might have triggered the action, but really, that seems like a small number, and how else does Google think people are supposed to “make the switch?”

If your account gets locked out like this, you can file a report here. Reinstatement are said to usually occur with 24 hours, but that’s small solace for people running their job, lives, or brain from their Gmail.

It’s probably no coincidence that the uptick lockout complaints corresponds to the time that Google opened up Gmail for registration without invitation.

Lifehacker offers two options for Gmail backup, using fetch or Thunderbird. — BEN POPKEN

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