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NPR Still Fighting the RIAA [NPR]
In this filing, we are asking the Copyright Royalty Board judges for a public rehearing where we can provide supplemental testimony and oral argument of its motion, on the public record. We are also asking the CRB and the recording industry to remember public radio’s non-commercial status and our public service mission, as other royalty groups and decisions have done for years.

Make Your Own Pet Food [BuzzFeed]
Since the pet food recalls, pet owners are beginning to turn to homemade foods. We suppose being one of those annoying picky pet owners is okay now that it’s common knowledge they put plastic in the bagged stuff.

Confessions of an I.R.S. Auditee [Freakonomics]
We held all meetings at the accountant’s office, and the binder the IRS guy had on me was enormous. And he wouldn’t let us look at it. He asked me over and over about where I keep my cash in the house, rephrasing it like a lawyer or a cop, and I kept telling him how I keep no cash in my house other than loose change.

Fiance’s bad credit is a problem [Bankrate]
The age of the charge-offs can be important because it’s possible your fianc

no longer owes the debt under the statute of limitations applicable for the credit agreement.

(Photo: Jeremy Brooks)

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