Taxpayer's Advocate Service Gets Your IRS Issues Unstuck

If you’ve got a longstanding tax issue that you’ve tried to resolve with the IRS but were unable, get in touch with your local Taxpayer Advocate. It’s an independent office within the IRS whose job is to see that citizen’s tax issues are “promptly and fairly” handled.

Here’s how to contact one:

• Call the Taxpayer Advocate Service Case Intake Line to see if you are eligible: 1-877-777-4778 or TTY/TTD: 1-800-829-4059.
• Fax, write or call the Local Taxpayer Advocate office for your state.

If you need someone to slice that IRS Gordian Knot, the taxpayer’s advocate may be your man. — BEN POPKEN

Taxpayer Advocate Service [IRS]


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  1. SkaldGrimnir says:

    I’ve actually had an experience with the Tax Payers advocate service in Feb ’06. I cannot say enough good things about that office.

    In Feb ’06, I was promised a payday loan from H&R block. I had done my own taxes, but took it into them for that reason. I normally hate the idea of a payday loan, but my father was in the hospital for cancer, 4 hours away, and they were not sure if he was going to make it.

    The payday loan, was of course, refused. They told me I would need to wait 10-14 days.

    I called the Tax Advocate service. They told me that if another issue like this occurred, call before I submit, and just submit electronically…But they still managed to get me the money fast. Three days, versus 10-14. I was very pleased.

    And the great thing, a year later, my father’s cancer is in remission.

  2. crosenblum says:

    Our prayers are with you SkaldGrimm@SkaldGrimnir:

  3. Melissa202 says:

    I also had great results with these guys. My husband had a small outstanding tax debt when we married and I paid it off November 2005.
    We applied for a loan in Jan 06 and were denied because the tax debt was still “unpaid” according to my husbands credit report.
    To make a long story short 7 months later the state, credit reporting agencies & nearly every tax office in the state had given me one hell of a run-around.

    Finally I found out about the Tax Payers advocate service from a friend and I had a notarized letter of payment from the state and the credit report straightened out in less than 2 weeks! This is a great service!

    @SkaldGrimm- I’m glad to hear that your dad is in remission. All the bests.