"Extra Innings" Will Remain On Cable

MLB has cut a deal with InDemand to keep the “Extra Innings” out of market baseball package on cable. In addition to the package, inDemand’s affiliated cable companies (Time Warner, Comcast and Cox) will carry the MLB channel when it launches in 2009. From the CNNMoney:

IN DEMAND also offered to make the Extra Innings subscription package available to other cable companies across the United States, MLB said. These operators also would be required to carry the MLB Channel once launched.

MLB said its deals with DIRECTV and iN DEMAND mean the MLB Channel, which will broadcast baseball 24 hours a day all year, is expected to launch in 40 million homes.

The package will be available for $159 through a preview period that ends this week. —MEGHANN MARCO

Baseball, cable go ‘Extra Innings’ [CNNMoney]
(Photo: Gaffled)

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  1. Alexander says:

    Why can’t the NFL work out a deal like this? It’s dumb. I’m more than willing to give the NFL my money, yet they don’t want to take it.

  2. tentimesodds says:

    Directv paid them a boatload of cash to make Sunday Ticket satellite-only. Like billions. They’re in the deal for a number of years.

  3. Franklin Comes Alive! says:

    Wow, so MLB gets DirecTV to offer an assload of money for an exclusive, which it basically uses as a bargaining chip to get an assload of money out of the cable cos (and DirecTV as well I would assume). All so that the consumers will have the privilege of paying them even more money to watch baseball. Brilliant, I guess.

  4. diggity says:


  5. mac-phisto says:

    @omarb: the exclusivity agreement for sunday ticket comes up in 2009 (i think). cablevision reps are continually calling to tell me that it will be available then.

    thank god. i can’t wait to get rid of directv.

    @Franklin Comes Alive!: that’s one way to look at it. of course, the other way is that broadcasters show regional games, so if you live on the east coast, there’s no way you’re going to get to see the angels play (unless they’re playing an east coast team).

    not like anyone watches the angels…

  6. joopiter says:

    $159? Damn…I’m glad I’m not a sports fan.

  7. diggity says:

    $159 for Extra Innings
    $119 for MLBTV Premium
    How do I still have my Jew card?

  8. katana says:

    people still watch baseball?

  9. madktdisease says:


    we have NHL Centre Ice. $159 isn’t bad when you think about all the money you won’t spend out at a bar because you’re watching Hockey Night in Canada every Saturday night. plus, we love hockey. too much…

  10. The Bigger Unit says:

    The best part about all this: I heard on the radio today that only 200k people subscribed to Extra Innings last year. All kinds of hell was/is being raised about it, but really…no one wants the product to begin with.

  11. Sonnymooks says:

    @tentimesodds: It was a bit more then that. DirecTV also has unusual leverage over the NFL. To put together the sunday ticket package required the networks broadcasting the games to give consent. Those networks signed long term deals and one of those networks was FOX. Long story short, FOX could always say no and shoot down the sunday ticket, and since FOX is under the same ownership as Directv, they had their existing deal in place. Make no mistake, the whole thing with the NFL network was always about the fact that the carriers could not get the sunday ticket and this felt no point in carry the network at the price being asked for.

  12. montecon says:

    It’s funny you chose a picture of the Phanatic as the graphic. Funny because Phillies games (at least those broadcast on Comcast Sports Net) aren’t even available on Extra Innings. And CSN isn’t even made available to locally to DirecTV because of a loophole.

    Ok, so not so much funny as a painful reminder of the irony of hypocritcal Comcast complaining they were getting screwed by DirecTV/MLB.

  13. @montecon: Your statement is misleading. Phillies games are available on Extra Innings, as long as you’re not in the Philadelphia market. The CSN issue isn’t a “loophole,” it’s Comcast’s refusal to allow another cable system to carry network that they produce and fund out of their own pocket. The same holds true for 24-hour local cable news channels like NY1 and News 12, produced in New York by Time Warner and Cablevision respectively.

    Outside of Philadelphia, every non-nationally-televised Phillies game is available on Extra Innings (see the schedule here).

  14. mconfoy says:

    What about Dish Network?

  15. montecon says:

    @eastvillageidiot: I stand (partially) corrected. I had EI a couple years ago and only about 2/3 of Phillies games were available (I’m out of market). i think some games weren’t available on the local FSN of the other team for whatever reason. But it is true that you can’t watch the local CSN feed which is still frustrating.

    But I do disagree that is isn’t a loophole. Cable companies by law must provide all channels they produce to other distributors, UNLESS they physically relay the signal over land-line to their franchises instead of via satellite. It’s cheaper to do it with satellite (that’s how most cable channels are distributed), but they dont with CSN so they don’t have to provide it. Somehow Verizon reached a deal to get it for FIOS, but Comcast didnt have to do that like they would for say Versus, G4 or the other channels they own. To me, that’s a classic case of a loophole.

  16. poornotignorant says:

    @eastvillageidiot: I’d like to state again that I live in Philadelphia and I cannot watch 90% of State funded Phillies, Seventy Sixers and Flyers because of the monopoly of Comcast. And I will not give money to Comcast because of thier disgusting incompetent customer service.