Credit Report And Score Savvy Roundup

Get Your FICO Score Without Breaking The Bank
“…stratagems for seeing your FICO score without subscribing to costly services.”

How To Fix Your Credit Report When Creditors Won’t Admit Their Mistakes
“Review all three credit reports. Start your dispute with the credit bureaus. Contact the creditor…”

Get Another Free Credit Report, Even If You’ve Used Up Your Free One
“Ask for a fraud alert to be put on your credit report. Then, ask for a free copy of your report. As a potential victim of identity theft, you’re entitled to one under Federal law.”

Dispute Credit Histories When Companies Combine
“Then that student loan company was acquired by another. For the third time, I disputed the information and it was deleted because the new company was unable to provide any details or evidence.”

Fix Your Credit Score Fast, For A Price
“…with the help of a “Rapid Rescoring Expert,” you can have errors corrected and be on your way to a life of happy indebtedness in 24-72 hours.”

Are Minors Responsible For Their Credit Card Debts?
“TransUnion spokesman Steven Katz said, “A minor cannot enter into any contractual agreements.”

20 And No One Will Give Me Credit, What’s Up?
“See if you can get a parent to sign you on as an authorized user on one of their credit cards, that should boost your credit history.”

How To Improve Your Credit Score With Department Store Credit Cards
“1) Apply for department store cards, like at Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s. These are “in-house revolving credit lines” and are not bank-issued.
2) Make a few small purchases with them, $25-$50.”