Sprint Accidentally Sends You A Bill For $500, But At Least You Got Your $0.47 Check

Reader Todd (who left Sprint because of their constant billing errors 8 months ago) just received a $0.47 check…and someone else’s $500 cell phone bill:

I got a check in the mail last night for 47 cents for the credit that is on my old cell phone account. Of course this is after they applied my payment to the wrong account for 4 months and were just generally trying to rip me off so much that I ended up canceling and switching to my company’s provider for a much cheaper rate.

It was highly amusing to get a check for 47 cents though. I recently got a bill for like $500 since they confused my account with the person that they gave my number. Oh, and I canceled over 8 months ago. So Sprint is so bad that I had to tell them that they need to send the bill to the new account holder. Of course, one question lingers, how do you run up a $500 phone bill?

We don’t know, Todd. We’d always heard brevity was the soul of wit. —MEGHANN MARCO

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