Jamba Juice Says It Doesn't Sell Milk-Filled "Non-Dairy Blend"

In response to our post, Jamba Juice PR today tells The Consumerist they don’t sell a “non-dairy blend,” and their non-dairy options don’t contain milk.

Two days ago we asked Jamba Juice via web form for the ingredients in the “non-dairy mix.” They said one of the ingredients was Grade A Nonfat Dried Milk.

Yesterday, reader Delorean called Jamba Juice customer service and asked whether their “non-dairy mix” contained milk. Jamba Juice told him yes. But then today he called and Jamba Juice told him they don’t sell a non-dairy mix.

Likewise, today, Jamba Juice PR rep Kara Burke writes The Consumerist,

….Jamba Juice does not have a “non-dairy blend.” This is something that does not exist as part of our product offering and never has. The ingredients that Customer Service provided you with refer to Jamba’s “lower calorie dairy base.”

Apparently, two different JJ customer service reps equated “non-dairy mix” with their “lower calorie dairy base.” Indeed, the ingredients we were cited sound congruent with those mentioned here. Maybe they got confused because “lower calorie dairy base” is listed on the same page as “non-dairy dairy” in the Jamba Juice handbook, as in the above pic of the nutritional guide available in JJ stores.

Though, Delorean swears he saw juice marked as non-dairy, but without pictures, who can tell.

In any event, Burke says, “Jamba will be changing all its nutritional guides to include full listing if ingredients by fall 2007.”

JAMBA JUICE: Thank you for calling Jamba Juice, how may I help you?

DELOREAN: Yes, I was wondering about the ingredients in your Jamba Juice products.

JAMBA JUICE: Ok, let me transfer you to customer service.

(very short hold time)

BARBARA: Hello, my name is Barbara thank you for calling Jamba Juice. How may I help you today?

DELOREAN: Yes, I had a question about some of the ingredients in one of your products.

BARBARA: Yes, and what kind of questions did you have?

DELOREAN: You see, I was at the store yesterday, and my friend saw some “Jamba Juice, Non-dairy blend.” When he found out I drank Jamba Juice, he was interested, but asked me to make sure there was NO dairy products of any kind in it. When I called yesterday, a service rep told me that there was milk in your non-dairy blend; I was a little concerned about that, especially for my friend, so I was calling to clear that up.

BARBARA: Yes sir, we are aware that there have been some postings floating around the internet about the presence of milk in our products, such as on blogs, and various websites. We don’t know who posted them, but there is no milk in the product.

DELOREAN: But I didn’t read that on a website. That’s what a Jamba Juice rep told me yesterday on the phone. She told me that there was milk in your non-dairy blend Jamba Juice.

BARBARA: Well, we don’t actually have a “non-dairy blend,” what we have is a type of juice that contains some soy products, a Sorbet blend, and a blend with soy products in it. I can pull up the ingredients for those products for you, sir.

DELOREAN: Ok, what are the ingredients for the Sorbet blend, and the Soymilk blend?

(she proceeds to read the ingredients, which don’t contain milk.)

DELOREAN: Uh-huh. But, that’s what the rep told me yesterday.

BARBARA: Well sir, we do not have a “non-dairy” blend, sir.

DELOREAN: That’s weird though, cause I didn’t see the Sorbet or Soymilk blend in the store yesterday; there was just a bunch of Explicitly-marked Non-Dairy blend Jamba Juice. What does that mean? Is there some type of counterfeit Jamba Juice out there? I’m really concerned about this.

BARBARA: Well sir, I don’t know what else to say about this. There is no counterfeit Jamba Juice, however, sir. Did you have anymore questions today, sir?

DELOREAN: No, but are you sure there’s no bootleg Jamba Juice out there, who stole your recipe to make a profit?

BARBARA: (laughing) No, sir, there is no counterfeit Jamba Juice.

DELOREAN: Alright, thank you.

BARBARA: Thank you for calling Jamba Juice, sir.


PREVIOUSLY: Jamba Juice’s “Non-Dairy Blend” Secret Ingredient? Milk.
(Photo: gruntzooki)


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  1. TPIRman says:

    “BARBARA: Hello, my name is *CSR rep*, thank you for calling Jamba Juice. How may I help you today?”

    Her name was redacted, but for some reason I have a hunch that the CSR’s name was Barbara.

  2. ZonzoMaster says:

    You lost me on the second paragraph Ben… well it is 2:15 am, and im kinda tired, and i haven’t slept much. Oh look the letters are killing each other, that’s a nice effect.

  3. SNLT203 says:

    I guess there is only one way to settle this:
    Which commenter with lactose intolerance wants to drink 5 of these concoctions in succession and report back to us what happens?

  4. Katharine says:

    Doesn’t it say “Non- Dairy Blend” in the photo? Where is that from?If it’s from a training manual or in store ingredient book obviously they are lying.

  5. katana says:

    lactose-attack, here I come!

  6. capnfive says:

    trying to understand that phone call makes my head hurt…

  7. Rajio says:

    Could it be regional or are local Jamba Juice’s allowed to make their own blend recipies?

  8. akira says:

    I can understand how people are touchy on this subject. As I’m allergic to all things “artificially colored”, it’s a sensitive topic. I need to trust the ingredient listing 110%. All “ingestible” items should have a complete list of ingredients.

  9. jurgis says:

    Of course they have non-dairy juice… they have quite a few items that contain no milk/milk-like products. Maybe that is the source of the confusion? Non-dairy as in the five smoothies that are “all fruit”?

    Pomegranate Paradise, Peach Perfection, Strawberry Whirl, Mega Mango, Raspberry Rainbow… here.

    They do have soy-milk too.

  10. Mark 2000 says:

    Sounds like 1984 to me. You catch them, they pull the menu item and say it never existed. We all sit around and doubt our own sanity.

  11. adamondi says:

    In any event, Burke says, “Jamba will be changing all its nutritional guides to include full listing if ingredients by fall 2007.”

    Isn’t that kind of them? They will include full ingredient listings by Fall 2007. Well, that will be of great comfort to the people who have reactions to something in their products during, say, the Summer months (which is likely Jamba Juice’s busiest time of the year). While they are breaking out in hives or are confined to the toilet in the process of depositing their intestines in the Bank of Porcelain, they can take comfort in knowing that in just a few short months, they will have access to full ingredient lists without having to call a customer service hotline.

  12. I cannot comprehend how a corporation who is provided the same rights as a human citizen can act in such an irresponsible childish manner and get away with it. Somebody remind me why corporations have the same rights granted an individual in the united states.

  13. Jillsy says:

    Part of the problem is that Jamba (and Starbucks, for that matter) is really bad about cross-contaimination. They go to the trouble of having blenders labelled “NON-DAIRY ONLY”, but then they make dairy smoothies in them. And they don’t really wash the blenders between orders – I’ve watched, it’s just a rinse. Also, they scoop out your non-dairy sorbet with the same scoop they use for yogurt.

    My mom is very casein intolerant and had to stop going to Jamba because she got sick every time, on the allegedly non-dairy products. If you are very sensitive to lactose or casein you’ll probably not want to eat smoothies outside your home.

  14. xmischiefx says:

    Why is it so hard to understand that the first post on this subject was a mistake. Jamba Juice does not have a “non-dairy blend.” The scandalous ingredients that were “exposed” before were for the “lower calorie dairy base” which as can be seen in the picture is posted and not some secret. The ingredients for the sorbet and soy milk are also available on the website. No drink is made with a “non-dairy blend.” Jamba Juice is not lying, or hiding anything. They haven’t acted negligently or irresponsibly; if anything they should be applauded for making their book of ingredients so easily accessible, and for offering a dairy free alternative at all.

  15. teejay says:

    Seriously. Seems like someone was a little too eager to blast Jamba Juice. Perhaps a second read of the ingredient list would have been a better use of time. The fact that the CSR thought the caller was refering to the lower calorie dairy base as the thing that contains milk is hardly surprising. It does contain milk. This isn’t a conspiracy. Relax and have a nice smoothie. Be careful though, the lower calorie dairy base does contain dairy. The soymilk does not.

  16. epskionline says:

    I’ve been drinking Jamba Juice products for something like 10 years, and I’ve never heard of a non-dairy blend. This whole tizzy that’s done its cycle through the internet has been cracking me up. For the record, none of their all-fruit smoothies have anything but fruit and water in them, and two of their smoothies are vegan right off the menu: ProteinBerry Pizzazz, and some other item I’m blanking on. Lately I tend to order the Aloha Pineapple with NO sherbet and NO yogurt, SUB sorbet and SUB soymilk, and it is excellent. They don’t bat an eye when you make these types of subs at Jamba Juice, and I love ’em for it.

    I think the “non-dairy dairy” is supposed to be a cutesy reference to their non-dairy products like sorbet and soymilk that are used in a manner similar to the way they use sherbet and cow’s milk, which would be consistent with the company’s playful “vibe”. Unfortunately for them, not only is “non-dairy dairy” not clever, it’s also confusing, which is likely a factor in their decision to finally list all their ingredients from now on.

    In this day and age, you really can’t get away with being so secretive about ingredients, what with allergies, food ethics, and so on.